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[LoT]Castle Combe | Tuesday 5 September 2023

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Set in the Cotswolds Castle Combe is often named as the ‘prettiest village in England.’ That’s the tourism side done now moving on to the race circuit ? With nearly 2 miles of wide track and just 12 cars on circuit Combe gives a great track/car ratio, giving all drivers plenty of space.

We’re running the day in semi-open pit lane format as we did at Combe in 2020, 2021 & 2022 – rather than put you in set groups you can queue up when you like. The day is being limited to just 28 cars rather than 36 if sessioned.

General circuit information: HERE

Noise limit: 100db static

Noise Limits

Static test – A noise meter is placed at a 45 degree angle to the exhaust outlet and 50cm away. The car is then held at 3/4 of its maximum rev limit and the highest reading recorded is the cars recorded noise output for the day. A static limit of 105db is very high and very few cars have an issue with this. At 98db cars with a cat, std factory manifolds and exhausts will generally be ok. Anyone with a very loud exhaust/manifold should be careful.

Drive by – This test is recorded at track side as the car is moving at track speed. Depending on the circuit the reading will be taken between right next to the track and up to 20 meters away. Cars with forced induction tend to have more issues with drive by, even though they tend to pass static tests as the s/c or turbo’s only kick in when run at speed. There are many things that affect drive by readings from wind direction, air temperature, how low the cloud cover is or even what line you are driving.

Format: Semi Open Pit Lane


A sessioned event means that the day will be structured into usually 3 separate groups which take it in turns to go out on track for a set time, normally 20 minutes. Each car will be restricted to their group for the duration of the day. Drivers are generally allocated a group depending on their experience level or type of car.

An Open Pit Lane event means that cars are free to go out onto the track when they choose (providing the circuit limit or our normally reduced limit has not been reached).

Experience level: All levels

Experience Levels

All levels: Everyone

Beginner: 1st ever track day

Novice: 1-5 track days without a major circuit

Intermediate: 5+ track days including a major circuit

Advanced: Attended a number of open pit lane days at a range of circuits

Price: £199 first ten places then £225

2nd Driver: £30 / 3rd Drivers: Not permitted

Additional Driver Information
(2nd & 3rd drivers)

All additional drivers must:

* register in advance of the day, no additional drivers will be accepted on the day of the event

* sign-on before the main sign-on closes, normally 8.30 for day events and 16.30 for evenings

* attend a briefing before the official sighting laps commence

* participate in the sighting laps

* meet the advertised experience level for the relevant event

* be 21-70 years old, no exceptions

We do not accept 3rd drivers on all events – please check individual booking pages.

All drivers and passengers please see FAQ for other requirements.

Instruction: £25
Crash Helmet: TBC

Important participant, passenger & vehicle information: Please read

Participant, Passenger & Vehicle Information

Clothing must fully cover arms & legs.

Crash helmets must be in good condition and suitable for circuit driving in a car. (Convertible/flip-up helmets are not permitted)

ANY vehicle without a hard top or fixed roof will require occupants to wear full face helmets.

Alcohol must not be consumed, including at lunch time.

2 seater sports cars only – for a full list of accepted vehicles please click here.

All drivers must be 21 – 75 years old (2nd drivers 21 – 70).


LoT club members may have up to 3 passengers free of charge.

Additional passengers or those with non-members will be charged £10 each.

Passengers must be 18-75 years old, no exceptions.

All drivers and passengers please see FAQ for other requirements.

Final instructions will be emailed out 4 days before the event.

Itinerary: Registration – 7.45-8.30 / Drivers Briefing 8.35 / Driving Starts 9.00


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View full event details here

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