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Transaxle Rebuild on West Coast

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6 hours ago, MaseratiTMC said:

I was hoping to find a Lotus expert that rebuilds the transmissions.

Best Regards. Philip

Try posting your question on LotusTalk which is more US centric :thumbup:


John W

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Well, if your set on a Lotus specialist, there's always in LA and way up near Santa Rosa. Check out the list on the JAE site or give Jay a call there for other suggestions. Harry @dsvitesse1 may still be good to bounce off of as he would know if there are any subtle differences in the SM application that a Lotus specialist would need to know. Chances are they may already be getting some/most/all of their tranny parts from him. I assume you've already checked out your Maserati sources as the Merak shared the powertrain with the SM.

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Wow, Mike thank you very much, I must just take you up on that.  It is out of the car, but I've been on the road for the Holiday, I was thinking about pulling it part just to see if there is anything I can fix. Frankly I don't think there is much wrong with it, but sadly it may have one broken tooth on a gear.

If you don't mind a couple of questions...

1) I was told there only two gaskets you need, do people use HondaBond or do you make the gaskets?

2) I was wondering about shims, how do you know what the tolerance is supposed to be?

Best Regards, MaseratiTMC 





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There are two paper gaskets for the output housings you will want to replace.  Order 4 because  you will use up a pair setting up the gearbox for the new parts.  Compared to any other part, they are less than cheap.

As far as shims and spacers go, you don't know what you need until you know what you need.  There are spacers for the pinion shaft that set the distance between the top of the pinion to the centerline of the differential.  If your CWP is damaged, you will need to replace both the crown wheel and the pinion, as they are lapped together during the manufacturing process and are forever linked - they even have matching identification numbers.  This means two dimensions can potentially change - the distance between the top of the pinion to the centerline of the crown wheel, and the placement of the crown wheel with respect to the output housings.  Because of the way the gearbox is made, you won't know what you need until you measure the distance from the centerline to the pinion top, set the differential bearings preload, and the backlash between the crown wheel and the pinion.  None of this is hard, but it is fussy, repetitive work that requires a certain attention to detail.  All of this is detailed in the rebuild instructions (from Lotus and from Citroen) included in the kit. 



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On 30/11/2022 at 15:02, MaseratiTMC said:

Any advice on a Citroen Transaxle rebuilder on the West Coast?

Best Regards, Michael

Marrs Automotive in in Santa Clarita, California can do it, including the R&R if necessary.  Jean Francois specializes in Citroen.  He basically took over after Jerry Hathaway died.


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