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The plan is possibly to colour code my bumpers on my S3 TURBO which is Essex Blue. Now i have seen lighter coloured cars with coded bumpers (namely andydclements) and they look great longer, lower meener and gernerally mopre aggressive however i am not sure a dark coloured esprit would work so well?

Has anybody colour coded there dark coloured esprit and could you post a picture for me?

Anybody any good on Photoshop and do a mock up for me?

Anybody got any input in general (agree/disagree) with colour coding

You input and help would be appreciated as i dont want to pay for spraying, then find i hate it then have to buy new bumpers if you can see what i am getting at!

Cheers guys :thumbsup:

I have an essex blue N/A and I colour coded the bumpers after I first got it - 10 years ago. Now I hate it. Mine are coming off to be redone in satin black (if I ever get 10 minutes to myself this year)

Not nice, eh?




Rear view....


And lastly...


My $0.02's worth - I think my esprit is a reminder of how my tastes have changed. I don't like the colour coding now, and I find the black bumpers make the car look more finished and purposeful. Then again, mine is an N/A and nods more towards the S1 and S2 styling which, IMO, should never have colour coding, whereas yours is a turbo which probably lends itself to colour coding better.

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Gosh guys,

I seem to have split to concensus right down the middle!

What we need is a poll - is a poll possible on this forum and if so could someone with more IT ability than me sort it?

THanks for all your posts guys but i am still none the wiser. I like Simon35OS' s car with the colour coded bumpers (but that was just a front view) but hate (sorry no offence) Richards S3 from the rear as it looks clumbsy - but that said the S3 doesnt have the Hoffmeister Flick style spoiler so would that make it look better :thumbsup:

One thing for it we will put it to the vote and i will stand by the majority :whistle:


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It's not that tricky, read the help files!

If you get stuck, let me know.

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Simon you know I love your car with black bumpers, I think the argument comes down to are you after a modern looking car or a classic? The reason I love the G cars is for their exotic styling and bold shape so I personally love the black contrast. I have been impressed with some of the body coloured bumpers in this thread Simon350s especially but for me it makes them look a much more modern car. So I think it


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If the voters lead me to having my bumpers sprayed, whilst i have got the spray gun out would it be sacreledge to have the rear window louvres colour coded too! Your thoughts please



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Personally NO NO NO to the louvers being colour coded.... I think that looks pants.....

Yes bumpers & wing mirrors......

NO NO Louvers......


So thats a no then :harhar:

By the way - I don't know where I saw it - but I am loving your magnolia leather retrim!!! You will have to let me know the name of the upholstererererer!

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Were the bumpers ever factory colour coded on the G cars? if so when did this come in? Was it an option. Some cars I have seen have look to be on original paintwork have coloured bumpers? :thumbsup:


"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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I think colour coded bumpers & door mirrors came in from about 85 on, when the suspension was upgraded & front brakes became vented.

As for colour coded Louvers, if this was ever done by the factory, it's probably been done at owners request. I've only seen two like this, they where HC G car turbos.


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Yeah - wot he sed...


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