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Smell of Petrol


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The tanks come from Esprit Engineering. The are marginally cheaper than the standard steel tanks. I still claim that it is not the tanks !!!

If I dangle a piece of heater hose down next to the engine on the right side and stop with the end just above the right side "s" shaped hose which copnnects the transverse balance pipe to the side pipe of the right tank and sniff....I get a smell of gas. If I repeat this but with the hose to the same length and dropped between the tank and the wall that holds the air filter and there is no smell at all. Ergo, the tank can't be the source of the leak. The fuel must somehow be getting from the hose to the atmosphere. Since all the clips are tight, Peter reckons that the pipe itself must have become porous. Far fetched as this sounds, it is the ONLY ANSWER which fits the facts !!

I supp- HOSE (sorry !) that we need to replace the hose and see if most of the smell stops

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:thumbsup::veryangry: :laughing: TA- DAAAAA !!!!!!!! Found the damn leak AT LAST, hooray, yipeeeee.!!!!!!!!! After two miserable years of saying "But it can't be the tanks because.....," And it wasn't the tanks, two grand saved !!!!! Now to try and convince the wife to let me buy the new ECM instead !! (After I fix the radiator, of course !!)

We found the leak!!!! Then, bugger me with a fish fork !!! Somebody tells me the next day that he knew all along !!!!!

That was Mike from the parts ads here on LEW. Apparently, super unleaded petrol attacks conventional hoses and my hoses from the bottom of each tank to the transfer pipe below the car were the old type (despite being fitted at a main dealer three years ago!)Anyway, they absolutely reeked of petrol on the outside and clearly, Peter (PNM Genius) theory that the hoses had become porous was true. The smell has now gone from the car, garage and house. So the moral is: if you want to use high octane petrol, get the newer hoses!

The actual performance of the two of us removing the hoses together to avoid a sideways jet of fuel up the wall would probably have made an hilarious home video, but alas, never a video camera when you need one !!

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Well done mate. So you managed to replace the hoses without any problem I assume. Apart from the Carry on film esque fuel squirting incident?

I am sure that some people on here will have to do the same thing in the near future. Me probably!!!

So how easy were the hoses to replace, how many are there, rough cost?

cheers mate and again well done on finding the source of your smelly problem.


Driving Automotive Aristocracy Since 2004

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