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2009 LE Spec Lotus Evora 3.5V6 Valved 2bular Exhaust

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2009 LE Spec Lotus Evora 3.5V6 Valved 2bular Exhaust

Only 3 owners one of which was Stratton Motor company one of the main dealers

61489 miles

MOT until Nov 2023

Serviced In November

2 Private owners, Current ownership since September 2015

2 keys

FSH- all dealer or specialist


Firstly, it is the desirable Launch edition spec but as it went direct to the dealer it is not badged like the later customer LE models. It is likely one of the earliest Evora’s from the factory. It is in the excellent Storm Titanium metallic which has an almost bronze appearance in certain lights and trimmed in the Oyster interior leather.

I’ve loved owning this car, it has genuinely changed my perspective on driving, having previously mainly owned turbo charged Japanese cars.  So much so that I have bought an old Lotus which is now taking my time and money to restore it.
Therefore, after nearly 8 years and 30k miles it is time to let someone else have the pleasure.

Fitted with all the optional packs,

Premium with extra lighting, arm rest and extended leather.

Tech pack with reversing camera and Alpine Sat Nav.

Sport pack with sport button changing throttle  mapping to be more aggressive and additional red line. It also eases of the traction control which can be fully disengaged.

This car also has the close ratio sports gearbox.

Car has the lighter forged alloys which were a cost option.

Also has the garage door opening home link and a tracker fitted.

The Evora is an amazing car, but they don’t like being sat around. This was the third Evora I drove and easily the best with the highest mileage at the time. I added most of miles on the motorway when I was using the car as a daily driver. With a change of working habits I now used the car for weekends and fun trips in the good weather.

I’ve maintained the car to a very high standard and serviced it every year regardless of mileage.


When I bought the car,  the wheels refurbished by the Lotus dealer in black rather than the original dark grey.

Since then I have gone for the popular sport racer look by wrapping the roof, mirrors and front splitter which modernises the car and makes it look more aggressive.

I also replaced the LOTUS lettering with black, and removed the Evora badge from the bumper as I prefer the symmetry.

I have changed the gear knob from the odd leather acorn thing to the one found on later Evora’s and Exige’s which feels much better in the hand.

I changed the rear light surrounds to gloss black rather than standard chrome as they become faded over time.

All the above removed parts have been retained and will be provided with the car should you prefer to take the car back to the original spec.

I have replaced the front badge for a black LOTUS badge as the original was chipped and the lacquer had peeled away.

The main modification is replacing the original heavy and quiet back box with a valved 2bular exhaust designed to fir this car and highly regarded in the community. I wanted something that sounds sporty but quiet enough for motorway miles whilst also having the valve to allow the full sound of the V6. The car now sounds like it looks and is truly supercar shaming.  If you’ve heard the later 400’s they sound much better and that is pretty much what this system sounds like. The valve works and is key fob activated although it can be linked to the home link system too if you prefer.

Service History

14/07/2009 1,087 miles after sales Stratton Lotus

29/06/2010 9,390 miles Stratton Lotus

04/07/2011 14,411 miles Stratton Lotus

27/07/2012 19,197 miles Stratton Lotus

30/04/2013 22,280 miles Stratton Lotus

15/05/2014 27,188 miles Stratton Lotus Rear pads

11/05/2015 31,644 miles Henstead Motors

27/04/2016 39,179 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

24/04/2017 45,743 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

01/05/2018 48,905 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

28/03/2019 51,301 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

17/10/2020 56,038 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

18/11/2021 58,771 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

25/11/2022 61,377 miles Qmech Lotus Specialist

The following work was completed under warranty

New alarm ECU 05/06/2009

New reverse camera 19/04/2011

Replaced O/S/R Speed Sensor 20/04/2011

New condenser 07/07/2011

New Radio Antenna 12/12/2011

Replaced OSF Shock absorber 12/12/2011

New Alpine headunit 19/01/2012

New air bag warning module 06/03/2012

New Window regulator28/08/2015

New Window regulator 25/09/2015

Consumables and Work Carried out

Rear pads 15/05/2014

Wheels refurbed 18/08/2015 painted black by dealer

Replace Front discs and pads 27/04/2016

Fitted 2bular valved exhaust system 27/04/2016

Vinyl wrap applied 17/03/2017

New Michelin PS4S front tyres fitted 24/04/2017

RH wheel bearing replaced 01/05/2018

Lower wishbones replaced and GEO completed 27/09/2019

Boot Struts replaced with SGS Engineering Struts 20/11/2019

AC re-gassed and replaced port caps 26/08/2021

New Rear Michelin PS4S 15/07/2021

Handbrake cables replaced 03/03/2023

Engine Ducting replaced with heat proof hose 03/03/2023

New Battery 01/02/2023

Great Bits

This car was built in 2009 and has never been fully resprayed so it is realistically in an excellent condition for the age and mileage.

It is a rare car and the NA Evora is the perfect amount of power for the UK A and B roads, eating up twisty roads giving you all the feedback you could want whilst also giving you a ride that doesn’t break your back like most other small sports cars.

This is the arguably the most desirable spec, of 2+2, all the packs, forged alloys, launch spec and close ratio gearbox. Colours are a personal choice but the Storm Titanium and Oyster interior took me a long time to find.

You’ll rarely see another one on the road giving it a look and a sound way beyond the price tag and an exclusivity that you won’t get from the competition.

Bodywork is excellent, not faded and has always been washed with two bucket method, pressure washing, and I dry it with a blower rather than a contact method.  It is waxed and treated to protect it and never allowed to sit with built up dirt (just ask my neighbours who think I’m mad).

Interior again has been cleaned with gentle leather cleaners to help preserve the colour and suppleness of the leather.  The seats are largely unmarked and the Oyster leather lifts the cabin giving it a real premium feel.

The dashboards of these cars suffer badly from heat and shrinkage. My airbag unit has lifted slightly, but if you look at others its very minimal.  The shrinkage to the dash is also not bad for the car and I don’t see it as a need to replace the whole thing.  The Oyster leather strip that runs across the top of the dash has lifted a little also but again I don’t notice this from being sat in the car.

Mechanically it’s excellent, pulls hard, no knocks from the suspension and has been very reliable.  I always run it on super unleaded and keep the battery on a CTEK charger as these cars don’t like being left for too long.

Less Great Bits

There is a scratch in the passenger side of the rear clam. It’s been there since I bought it, it hasn’t bothered me enough to respray the area.

Alloys are excellent, not kerbed but have a couple of chips caused by stones on the road, again minimal but I’m being honest.

Couple of worn parts of the outer edges of the seats where the seat belts come into contact with the leather.  Also some repairs sone by the dealer before I bought it, aren’t the perfect colour match but these are limited to very small areas.

The window top seals are looking a bit tired and I would look at replacing these in the next couple of years.  Not a problem as I garage the car but to make them as watertight as a Lotus can be they could do with a refresh.

The lacquer on the tyre pressure display has come off slightly after some leather cleaner came into contact with the Perspex. This only happened once and I learned my lesson, it’s only visible with the sun at certain angles

Car is on the original clutch, this isn’t a bad point in my book as there is no slippage and the car has been driven regularly on longer journeys and not launched everywhere. I would only change a clutch if it needed doing and to my mind there are plenty of miles left on this one. There are people on the forums quoting 6 figure mileage on the original clutch.  Others got less lucky or perhaps drove much shorter journeys.

Few micro bubbles in the paintwork, but this is sadly a standard feature of Lotus paint, and it has not got worse in the time I have owned it. Limited to very small areas which I’m happy to send pictures of.

No Swaps

Viewings welcome

Test drive with proof of insurance

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