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Faded A Pillar interior alcantara fix?

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Hi. My Sport 410 'A' pillar interior alacantara trim should be grey but has faded to a more blue colour..( sun damage ).

It's least noticeable from the drivers seat and doesn't bother me too much but I wondered if anyone has had similar and knows a fix?

Ideally I'd like to find a product that can be applied with a cloth that I could use to re-dye it in situ, ( with the screen/dash etc masked off ). I assume some sort of fabric dye would be best but I haven't found any definitive threads..?

Any thoughts welcome..



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I have the same in my S1 Sport Racer. Grey everywhere except the pillars which have faded to blue.  Lotus used SuedeTex rather than Alcantara, I think both can be dyed and there are plenty of places that will mix dye to match but you'd probably need to obtain a scrap of it to them.

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It shouldn't be difficult to unclip the A pillar moulding trim so that you avoid having to mask off or damage the dash etc.  You just won’t be able to remove the trim completely from the car without disconnecting the tweeter cables or cutting and reconnecting the tweeter wires (tweeters are glued in place).  

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