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Electric Chargecooler Pump vs uprated impellor

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I asked two official Lotus dealers here and they did not confirm that !

They told me that they strictly stick to Blue (Castrol) antifreeze, because there is no written advise in the workshop manual updates that recommends OAT for the Esprit.

They also share the same point of view that OAT may make trouble if put in older cars ... they also told me (I didnt know that) that OAT was introduced not because its better, its just not that bad for the health and the environment. Looks the same like the R12 -> R134 thing ... R134 also is not better ... actually its worse.

BTW, can you remember the water pump trouble VW cars had when they put in OAT ?

Because of that they had to switch from plastic pumps back to aluminium pumps again ... that was back in the 90th.

In the end its a philosophy ... everybody has its own.


If you call Lotus now and ask what coolant they recommend for my 1989 Esprit, they will say OAT. If you ask what gearbox oil, they will say TAF-X.


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I'll take the word of the technical dept at Lotus, you listen to who you like Marcus.

In the end, this topic is closed as it's going round in circles. In future, I am sure I will be able to point people to this thread when they ask what to do when they want to change out the impeller and they can read it and make up their own mind.

I am also asking you to immediately change the description of this item on your website as I believe it to be very misleading or withdraw it from sale. I am sorry to have wasted my money, I'll not be buying from you again.

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