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TWANG! How do you get into the boot/trunk when

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i'm just glad the ordeal is over. my arms are very badly cut up and my neck is cramped something awful. important thing is i was able to get in there and trip that latch. the little girl had closed it again, but my arm was still in there to unlatch it. check mate! the part that failed was that plastic plug selected by lotus to guide/attach the cable to the latch. i had put more tension on the new cable installation and the 20 year old nylon part split causing the cable end to fall out the sidecut on the latch. why they even have a sidecut is beyond reason. also not sure why everyone was using mole grips to squeeze the latch. i had no luck aligning it and abandoned the effort. then i was able to compress it first try using a small c clamp with finger screw. now if i could only get my shoes back.

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I'm not sure that it was everyone using mole grips - just me :-)

Glad you managed to get it sorted.

Cut and grazes to fingers and arms are part of being in the club and if fixing your Esprit isn't a good enough excuse, I suggest you lie and say that you did it performing an emergency heart bypass operation with a coat hanger... that or scaling an impossibly sheer cliff.

I had it on good authority that you needed a new pair of shoes anyway, so I'm sure you'll see that even this was a blessing in the long run...


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i got my shoes back. they were on my doorstep this morning, but filled with chocolate syrop.

Anyway, in case the boot cable ever did break, my plan was to ditch the old rawnut / screw arrangement in favour of nuts and bolts with the nuts bonded to the inside of the boot.  I'm not sure if I can find an adhesive strong enough to handle the torque ahould it ever get rusty though...

This would also mean that getting the boot floor out becomes harder, so I was thinking about cutting a slot in the end of the bolts so that they could still be unscrewed - any comments?


i've found a replacement for the stock hardware. i'm using a standard nut/bolt setup but have cut a notch in the bolt to accept a small flathead driver. the nut can be grasped with a spanner from the same side. there you go x6. regards to uncle bob.

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James... How are you getting on?

Or are you waiting for replacement light clusters?

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked him to forgive me."


ribbon200.gifG-Car Owner and Proud! ribbon200.gif

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maybe i can help get you some lights. i have contacts at TRD. 7 years is vintage for something as trend driven as a supra design. they should put style expiration dates on those cars. i'm currently refitting a later model for a racing client.

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sorry i didn't get you the lights quickly enough. the guys did email me a photo of some they found, but the reverse lights were a square in the middle. i guess they were struggling with the u.k. toyota names. 111

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Ha! so true  :)

My supra was seven years old and i got:

"we don't stock any parts for cars of that vintage..."

Vintage?  :P


If you need parts drop us an E-mail. Dealers in the USA are required by law to carry parts for 10 years since the last date of manufacter. At the 10 year mark many companies even Lotus USA dump their parts at less expensive levels. They had quite low prices a year or so ago and cleared parts inventory of the 4 cyl Esprit models to free up room for the Federal Elise parts.

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So I have now joined broken tail gate release cable club, luckily the boot clicked open at the same time as the crimped end came off the cable!

Has anyone worked out a really simple fail safe just wondering if anyone had improved on the above suggestions.

I was very lucky this time.

I wondering if door central locking solenoids would be strong enough could even have an external power point under the car just for them.


My Elan Plus 2 fail safe was to reach under the wheel arch and pull the whole cable assembly



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