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How to ruin your weekend


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Caught this on Friday as I was leaving my marina for the weekend. I know it's not automotive related, but everybody can appreciate carnage :thumbsup:

It appears that the 'captain' had a couple drinks the night before to celebrate the purchase of his new boat and decided to try and get home in the dark. At a high rate of speed. With the lake at record low water levels. Drunk. I came back by after they pulled the boat off and could see the footprints in the mud where the crew had tried to push it back into the water.

Granted, it's only a 27 foot boat but the repairs will still be costly.





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Happens every second day now, in the Oslofjord during summer. Several fatalities. Police now asking for everybody to have a boating licence. About time. Power boat sales have exploded, owners mostly new-money asset players, seafaring experience limited to party cruises, yelling at the waiters for more drinks.

I have had the same 24-foot sailboat since 1987, still happy with it. Drive fast on land, take it easy on the waters.


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I'm the same way. I've been sailing for most of my life, but due to injuries had to switch to powerboats. I've gone through 3 boats in 3 years (27ft, 32ft, and the current 41ft) and take it very seriously. I just earned my US Coast Guard Captains license and am looking for another boat - one to live on.

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Last year I was on a Sunseeker Camargue en route from the upper Thames to Ramsgate. I'd been at the helm all the way from Penton Hook to the estuary itself, then handed over to a very competent South African chap, and went below for a cuppa. I was sitting at the saloon table reading a newspaper when we ran aground at 24 knots. I ended up somewhere near the bows, picked myself up off the floor and scrambled up to the cockpit. The South African guy had handed control over to the boat's owner, who had passed the wrong side of a cardinal buoy " to give the boats coming the other way more room"!! We managed to get off the sandbank, but the wheels were nicely mangled and much bending had taken place to all the underwater working bits. Took nearly a year to sort it all out...and I'll never forget what it felt like to come to a dead stop from 24 knots in a few feet!! Thank heavens it was the owner wot dun it...

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During WW2 a sub (one of ours) came out of Cambletown & turned a bit too sharpish out into the Clyde - & promptly ran aground on a shoal with a falling tide. Quick as a flash the skipper got all the crew out & with the tide out had them scrubbing away at the weed & barnacles etc. He got away with it .....

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so.... will the next one will have a helicopter pad or submarine dock? :thumbsup:

Perhaps something a little more spacious?

I may know a man who can help you.

On a serious note, I ran aground on a 40,000 tonnes cruise ship, not a very nice experience, especially the accident investigation branch interviews afterwards. I am a firm believer that if you are in command of a vessel you have appropriate qualifications, that means aircraft carriers down to the scourge of the sea, Jet skis.


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Was that on Lake Norman? Plenty of room to get up to speed on there. I read there's some concern about boating and drinking after someone was killed when their boat was cut in two by another one one evening a couple of months ago.

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That's right, it was Lake Norman. There is always concern about the drinking on the lake, but this year the rumblings have been a little quieter than normal. Last year we had something like 12 fatalities, all alcohol related. This year the number is much lower. The cops have managed to contain most of the idiots to one small portion of the lake and really cracked down on it this year. This time of year is great on the lake, most of the morons have already hauled out for the winter (wimps - I go year round) and the weather is cool enough to make it comfortable. I was up at the state park this weekend - the trees are turning color and it's quite pretty.

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