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Wensum Valley Hotel, an unhappy tale.

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An unhappy event Paul - glad nobody got hurt. Well done on posting (and timing of posting) this issue.

I travel a lot with work, and it is getting harder and harder to find 'the place' to stay in each city. Things that go wrong with a room for me can be from the TV not working, to aircon out, no hot water (or hardly), to smoke-smelling non-smoking rooms. I even found broken glass in the shower stall once.

I have found that telling the reception straight away gives everyone plenty of time to decide what they are going to do about it - you are still the current customer at that point. This separates the 'bill paying' moment from the event. This isn't practical all the time.

I have also found that a good place responds well to the problem, trying to fix it right away and providing concern for my well-being. Upgrades to room are common. This immediate recognition of the event placates the annoyance of the issue balancing out the goods and services to be paid for.

I generally have breakfast at the hotel in the morning as part of the cost of the room, and find in good places where something went wrong, the breakfast is now complimentary (reduction in cost of the room) with an apology for the inconvenience.

All this said, it is hard to find good hotels. The more expensive ones seem to care more - funny that.

I'd love to stay here if I could:



p.s. I started typing up this post before the comments on 'basil' - spooky

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Paul and Vicky,

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. However, I had no issues this time round. Why you may ask? Because the last time I stayed at this hotel, I had such a shit experience with my room. We had the family room which had huge cracks in the ceiling and walls the size you could put your hands down! I was kept awake all night as this room was over the kitchens followed by the tee shop which was also underneath, opening at 6am! I complained because I had so many issues but just got a simple 'thank you' while they swiped my card! Iam not the one to complain publically and ruin things so I kept my mouth shut.

This year round, I expected the same shit service and quality. I wasn't expecting much, so to my surprise of my room, I was pleasantly surprised! the only down side to my weekend was that I was probably the last person to receive my starter in the whole room. When I finally received it, I had briefly gone to speak to Alan Croft who had finished his main course! IT was that late after finishing my main course, I cancelled my dessert. Luckily, they were on the ball and it had managed to filter through when I received my bill the next day (plus point to them!),

The other bad point (no fault to Wensum Valley), I was woke up 3 times during the night with a couple above 'at it'. The noise was that bad, it sounded like a bad porno and the walls were so thin, I had to move beds thinking that at any minute, they would come crashing through my ceiling! Midnight for 1 hour, 3Am for another hour and 6am they didn't bother going back to bed!

Iam glad to say that the couple in question weren't in our party!

Oh yes, I had the shits too but didn't really want to tell anyone on here. But seeing as we are naming and shaming, I thought what the hell!

On a positive note, had a great weekend! thanks for all the organisors who spent a great dela of their own time sorting it out. Without you guys, we wouldn't have events to go to. I know how hard it is to get people to commit and sort rooms and other stuff out. Fantastic job!!

Dave Walters

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Basil IS the sole owner mate. Wow, I would love to own that place. imagine what it COULD be like?? i could make a mint in that location and the size of the place.

Oh well. Lets look forward to the next event. (thanks paul for the nice comments, I'll just feel a little sad that Vic was upset :no )

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Just read this post, absolutely shocking.

If anything like this ever happens to me, I always complain...but always do it in writing (in the post).

If they are members of any governing body, make a note of these (and copy them in on your complaint correspondence)

In your complaint always be factual, but detail all their failings (however little)

I usually never give up being a pain, constant complaining letters, until I get what I want or happy with, (when it comes to complaining)

I have attached a sample complain letter & web address below rights and problems/How to make a complaint/Contacting the company/Contacting_the_company_report_657_120470_2.jsp

Let me know if you need further info/help.

GT3-jonny :no

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superdave, thanks for the heads up on the stomach issue, i know someone else also told me they had a bad stomach the next morning also, iwas so worried about briniging it up i thought it may cause an issue.

did anyone else have a rough stomach that weekend from the carvery then??

i have to be honest i was really worried on the sunday, i was staggering round the place sweating like mad, and i really got confused and dased through the day, i do remember louise coming after me and holding onto me in the middle of the front area as i got really unsteady and felt like passing out. the day was a blur to me and all my video i got is useless from that day.

in lotus on the monday brian had to take me back and for to the lotus bathrooms (this in itself is a tiring feat as the corridoors to reach it are like hampton maze!) i spent most of my time in the bathrooms and missed a really good talk with mel from the trim shop, there had been a cheeky discussion with mr kimberly on the sunday about some seats, but to be honest the only thing that mattered to me that day was not messing myself, on the way back in the car i turned it into a mobile gas chamber , i half poisoned poor old simon350s with what was erupting from me!! it took several days after for it to subside and a few more runs to the bathroom here.

the sunday morning i was sick 3 times which was bad enough, i didnt eat all day and i only drank when alexgt and matk found me basically not in the real world.. when we got back i was in the bathroom again not long after , i ate some food that night and no sooner had i had the last mouthful then i was off to the bathroom and a lie down. I missed each evening due to painful stomach cramps and auditioning as a nuclear disposal unit in the bathroom in my room.

apart from all of that the weekend was great, i met new people, met mr kimberly, and brian angus again, got to see kimbers again too and the rest of you guys, it was the first time i met katie and i have to say shes bloody great!!! same dirty mind as me :no and the biccie was great too :)

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Well there is no delicate way of phrasing this....but!!! As some of you know, or probably heard (excessive screaming and swearing) I missed the convoy down to the factory on Sunday morning. Why? Because JBF could not get his arse off the bog!

Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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did anyone else have a rough stomach that weekend from the carvery then??

Don't even think about complaining mate, i'll predict if i may:

"Your food gave me the squits"

"I can't understand how that could have happened"

"I ate it, now i'm bog bound"

"I'm sorry, i don't accept your explaination"

"but i..."

"I think you gave yourself the squits and you have

made up this story to scam yourself a discount"

"But i have friends that also have..."

(walks away...)


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Guest Troy Halliday

We ordered 2 Bacon and Brie Panini's, about 5 mins before everyone else ordered their food. I asked for it without the cranberry. Well after a wait one of the Panini's turned up. Half an hour later I went to the bar and asked where the second one was, I was told the order must have been read wrong in the kitchen. Fair enough. So I go sit down and wait. Another half hour and nothing so I went to the bar and was told it would be there soon. At least half an hour later and nothing. So I went back to the bar and told them not to worry about it and could they please refund my money as I had long past being hungry. I was then accused of causing a fuss when I could not have been more poilte or casual about the whole thing.

Monday morning we were woken up at 6 by the people in the room above us watching porn clips and shouting at the top of their voices. To say the walls in that place are thin is beyond a joke we could here people just talking in the rooms next door.

The company was top notch though :no

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I wasn't there so how can you say that? :no

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Ok. Well seeing as the can is now open, the worms will flow.

The definitive aspect at the Wensum has always been the company.

The Hotel is however, overpriced. We have generally been impressed by our accomodation on the two occasions we have stayed, but then it should be for the price.

Grumbles this time were: Adnams run out at about 16:00. Never impressed when a hostelry runs out of any beer.

Now. As for the Carvery. Well it was shite. I was pretty vexed following an hour and a half wait. I believe Troy and Caroline got so fed up waiting, they disappeared and came back later! We waited at our table for an eternity, then had the pleasure of standing for nearly 30 minutes in the queue.

When we finally got to the point of being served, they decided they were going to start plating up for someone obviously not present and we got to wait a further 10 minutes.

When we got home on Sunday, I received a phone call at 21:00 hours insisting we had not returned our keys. I was almost but not in so many words told I was a liar and that I was in possesion of said keys.

I am most gratefull to all the efforts Bibs, Laura, Kimbers etc put into all the arrangements and this is no reflection upon them whatsoever.

Sarah and I spent a pleasant afternoon drinking with Paul and Vic and im sorry that the weekend for you was blighted as a result of this inconsideration.

Perhaps a letter from the forum signed by those of us present would be appropriate. It doesnt change anything I know, but a united front from the custom they received should not go un-noticed.

As for the next time, Well I dont mind where we go.

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Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday morning we were woken up at 6 by the people in the room above us watching porn clips and shouting at the top of their voices. To say the walls in that place are thin is beyond a joke we could here people just talking in the rooms next door.

Absolutely not me.....I was on the ground floor :no

Just because you can, does'nt mean you should.

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Paul/Vicky - really sorry to hear your weekend ended on a sour note. When you were telling us about the lamp at breakfast, I didn't think it would come to this :)

One thing that really annoys me is bad customer service, and Basil sounds like a right tosser!

I think I would have taken the same approach as you - mention it politely, and if the response is suitably apologetic then drop it and move on. But when you get called a liar, that's simply not acceptable. Even though we (Anita & Myself) didn't have any issues this time, I cannot support anywhere where the manager's idea of good customer service is to tell his customers that they are making up stories.... good move that we all go somewhere else next time.

My experience with credit cards in the past has been that the customer is always right - if you complain about a transaction, it should be refunded until the dispute is resolved. I hope you find a satisfactory resolution with your card supplier.

Regarding next steps, I see two things:

- One is to address the way that the Wensum took payment from your card without permission. This is unacceptable, and you should have some form of protection (as mentioned in earlier posts). Didn't we all have to sign a bill agreeing to all room charges?? I guess you & Vicky didn't do this

- Second thing is to let good old Basil see the consequence of not going to the "good customer care" school - I would fully support a very polite letter from the Forum letting him know that, as a group, we will not be returning to the Wensum due to the inexcusable way a forum member has been treated, and also listing the known problems we have faced. The letter can be constructive, suggesting that if he wants to see his business still running in the years to come, he may want to think about addressing some of the problems.

I know the letter will not help Paul & Vicky, but I think Basil should be aware of the direct result of his poor customer service.

Ahhhhhhhh..... The whole story makes me angry :no - but don't do this in the Wensum as you're likely to end up in your nextdoor neighbour's room!! (with a comment from Basil about trying to get a discount due to holes in the wall)

BTW - Kimbers/Bibs/Laura, you guys did a FANTASTIC job of the weekend organisation, and I really hope you don't take any of these comments to heart - This entirely a Basil issue!

And that restaurant at the Wensum, wasn't it called "Miguel's"? Surely they meant to say "Manuel's" :)

Rob S
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Paul & Vicki

Sorry to hear of your experiences..... If i was there when he spoke to you like that I don't think he would have had chance to walk away as I would have grabbed him by the collar and spread his nose across his face with my forehead......

You are both mates and I don't take lightly to people talking to you like that...... :)

As you said.... both pro's and cons will b e aired here.....

I for one could not fault ANY staff member, the bar staff were FAB, the waiters and waitresses were FAB and even joined in the fun on our table....., the breakfast staff were fab to me personally, brekkie was on time but average, first day with an extra chipolata and the next a nice pile of bacon butties.....

I'm guessing my IN YOUR FACE approach meant I was more difficult to forget about and may have meant I got preferential treatment..... (yes I know I'm hot.....) :no

Company was fab and the free entertainment laid on was second to none.... achem.... :) although short of asking for discoun't I think I should have asked for a wage for my profesional performance.....

Personally didn't have a problem with noise in the room..... but I'm guessing thats because I dodn't get to bed until 5:20am :rofl:

Bar staff even looked after my ice cold water bottle..... although the manager (think it was him) knicked it off the counter top in reception when I was booking out without even asking if it belonged to someone..........????

Beer was a good price...... Carvery was plentiful but with veg considerably average.... glad I stuck to a bar meal Sunday evening, the burger was good...... Snooker lights were an EXTORTIONATE price....

The accomodation was pricy..... can't believe we didn't get any group booking discount at all..... although shared my

fealing about that before we went but got moderated.....

Kimbers.... ain't your fault dude..... no need to feel bad......

Laura, Bibbo n Kimby.... thanks for another fab weekend........

Was fab to meet you all.....

Love & Peace.....

Simon xxx

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Chunky Lover

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:no Ok so I missed that. Yes Lotus have an agreement with DH for VIP's. However please be aware that certain....erm.....behaviour wouldn't be allowed at Dunston, especially if we book using Lotus, as any behaviour woui=ld ultimately refelct on Lotus, yours truely and ultimately the old man.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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:) Ok so I missed that. Yes Lotus have an agreement with DH for VIP's. However please be aware that certain....erm.....behaviour wouldn't be allowed at Dunston, especially if we book using Lotus, as any behaviour woui=ld ultimately refelct on Lotus, yours truely and ultimately the old man.

Just invite them along..... I'm sure they'd all join in with the fun......!!!!! and I recon I could get your dad on a table with bells tied around his waist belly dancing...... :)

If we do arrange a discount anywhere it should really be through our own efforts though, that way if anything does go wrong there will be no reflection or sour tastes passed on to anyone else.....

Just my 2p.... :no


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Chunky Lover

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Paul / Vicki sorry to read this hope it gets soughted. Glad you are both safe and no one was injured.

Dunston looks good also on Tony's thread recommendation for his 40th we stayed at Park Farm. We both enjoyed the experience and it has a large car park. There was a good sized bar / conservatory as well as function rooms. Noted that there was a building program in progress to increase the size of the hotel.

Standard room is currently showing as

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Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Just a quickie guys as i'm off out for pub quiz :no

Just want to say thanks for all the replies. Those that knew were urging

me to make it public and i was unsure. The experiences of others on this

thread has made it a very valid one. And regardless of any outcome my

mind is at rest that moving to another hotel is a forum led decision rather

than me and Vics experience casting all our votes, which i felt uncomforable


Also, in a selfish way i feel like a winner as i'd much rather be

called a liar than have the shits, given the choice.


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Just a few thoughts about "our behaviour" as someone who almost but not quite managed to stay up all the way with Si on Sun night (I was second last man standing). I used to be an Officer in the RAF and have attended several Officers Mess Do's where the behaviour was REALLY outrageous. What I don't want is for anyone not present to read this thread and have visions of voodoo cult worship rituals etc taking place.

In my opinion our behaviour was light hearted and boisterous, but never excessive. We had a laugh at our own expense, but didn't (as far as I know) get any complaints from other residents or let off any fire exstinguishers or commit any of the other 101 party things that could have happened. We had a late bar, we drank, we laughed at each other and that was about it.

If we went to another hotel I truly don't think they should have anything to fear from us, nor should we fear upsetting them!

Just didn't want anyone not there at the time thinking we're a bunch of reprobates!




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LOL I thought we were quite well behaved !

I was totally knackered (not shit faced) but tbh I thought we were just having fun - did someone complain then ?

TBH I always say it's too far if a member of staff comes over and says "lads, keep it down" and there's a problem - but it never came to that.

We were a bit loud (well I wasnt :thumbsup: ) and a few bits of furniture got moved about, nothing got broken - infact Simon had the whole place in fits of laughter !

PS, umm think you'll find I am a reprobate ! Sorry.

facebook = [email protected]

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