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Depends whats really wrong with the engine.

Low oil pressure

smoke when revved

you could be just using oil thats too thin.



Mean Green S4s

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I use 20W50 in my S1

How is The running temp? If she is running hot, pressure will drop. A water leak (i.e. blown head gasket or cracked head) could exhibit the same. How low is low? and does it rise at higher revs?

However the smoke is not a good sign. If you are running a thin oil like 10w30 change up to 20w50 (i like Castrol) and see what happens.

Any other symptoms? Loss of power, milky residue in the oil, etc.......


77 S1 Esprit


Dom Giangrasso

1977 S1 Esprit - Lagoon Blue

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As has been said it could be any number of things

is the smoke your getting a blue colour signifying it is oil smoke or white signifying its water?


If its white just sell your S1 to Gpz900r

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