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Exploding coolant hoses!

catty s2

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I had just returned home from a nice drive in the sunshine yesterday. I left the S2 ticking over whilst i opened the gate, as i walked over to it BANG! A huge wave of coolant exploded inside the engine bay without warning sending it everywhere! :getmecoat:

Turned off the engine, lifted the door and when the steam had cleared i could see that the hose running from the thermostat housing to the alloy pipe had literally been blown apart completely!

Why? I had no signs of any leaks or loss of pressure. The coolant temp and level was correct. Im just bemused how a hose could just give up like that. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I guess im lucky that it decided to blow right outside my gate and not 5 minutes earlier or it would have been a recovery moment :crybaby:

A new hose will be on order. Are there any uprated hoses available anyone would recommend? Would it be a good idea to flush the system before the refill, incase of any debris in the system?


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I had mine fail on the S3 on the way to work one day, I was merrily driving alog in a line of slow moving trafic when the rear hatch area suddenly filled with smoke/ steam (didn't know what it was at the time). I killed the engine and coasted down the slight incline to aid the engine temperature- I HAD to get to work.

On the return journey I popped into a filling station put in water and set off. It's approx 6 miles cross country the route I took, I went through 3 stops at filling stations putting approx 6 pints in each time, and 4 stops using the water container I had with me (5l container, filled at each of the 3 stops).

The hoes just seemed to give up for no reaon other than deteritoration due to age.

You can fit silicoe based hoses, but if a rubber one lasts 15 years, I don't see the need. The engine will probably come out some time befor that 15 years is up, so why not stick with rubber and replace them every decade?

That's what I've gone for.


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Sorry to tell you this, but ordinary rubber coolant hoses are only designed to last for 5 years!

They should be inspected every 10,000 miles or a year which ever comes first.

You might be lucky and get 10 years out of them, but 15 years is really pushing it and you are taking a big gamble with your engines well being.

15 psi presurised cooling system and a load of 15 year old rubber hoses is just asking for aggro IMO.

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