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Petrol tank repair


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This proses sounds like POR51. A product sold by Frost restorers equipment {}

I have used it on the inside of one of my fuel tanks without removing it from the car. Not the best

way but it was an emergence and they don't come out easily as you no!

good luck Nigel

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Also worth asking Paul Coleman what he did in the end - clicky

I haven't done anything to mine yet. I did cut a couple of square holes in the bottom of mine to see how bad they were inside and contemplated having them galvanized and then fitting galvanized patches over the holes. I was thinking of pop-riveting the patches in place and then brazing over the joins and pop-rivets? That option was quite expensive from memory - I think I was quoted

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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Guest Troy Halliday

This stuff is a bit of a double edge sword.

It can potentialy seal your tank and be very good.

The other side of it is that if the sealent does not adhere to the inside of your tanks properly it can flake and fall of in sheets blocking your fuel system and causing further damage along the line.

When I made my stainless steal tanks for my car I used a small amount of this around the inside to make sure all the welds were fuel tight. But my tanks were obviously brand new having just been constructed.

I have had friends do this on motorbikes which have ended in engine rebuilds due to what I said earlier.

It is as usual always down to prep work. I know this seems like a vague answer but these are the to main facts of these type of products. Sometimes it is better to pay a bit more for piece of mind.


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