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Aftermarket Alarm

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I installed an aftermarket alarm this weekend (added a door lock actuator as well).

It has a function of flashing the parking lights once when arming, twice (and hold for 30secs) with disarming.

I wired that lead to the Red/Green lead in the binnacle connector - coming off the Parking Lamp switch (circled in red in the pic). Seems to work fine - however - when the 'disarm' happens I see the headlamps come on as well as the parking lamps and hear the motors labouring but not lifting the pods. When I 'arm' the system it seems to work fine - maybe it is quick enough to skip this issue.

My question - is there a better connection I should be tapping into to flash the parking lamps (but not the headlamps). Maybe somewhere in the hazard circuit?

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Lou Senko

Austin, TX

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i hooked mine up same node, just at the fusebox

with the blinker stalk in the "bright lights" position

the lights will pop up during arming

the hazard switch looks like it disables the mainbeams when engaged

so that wont help



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