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12 of the finest double-entendres that have been aired on British TV & Radio


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1. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator - "And this is Gregoriava from

Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!"

2. New Zealand Rugby Commentator - "Andrew Mehrtens loves it when

Daryl Gibson comes inside of him.'

3. Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator - "This is really a lovely

horse. I once rode her mother."

4. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race 1977 - "Ah, isn't

that nice. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the Cox of

the Oxford crew."

5. US PGA Commentator - "One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is

playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his

balls and kisses them ..... Oh my god!! What have I just said??"

6. Carenza Lewis about finding food in the Middle Ages on 'Time Team

Live' said: "You'd eat beaver if you could get it."

7. A female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have

snowed and didn't, turned to the weatherman and asked, "So Bob,

where's that eight inches you promised me last night?"

Not only did HE have to leave the set, but half the crew did too,

because they were laughing so hard!

8. Steve Ryder covering the US Masters: "Ballesteros felt much better

today after a 69 yesterday."

9. Clair Frisby talking about a jumbo hot dog on Look North said:

"There's nothing like a big hot chipolata inside you on a cold night

like this."

10. Mike Hallett discussing missed snooker shots on Sky Sports:

"Stephen Hendry jumps on Steve Davis's misses every chance he gets."

11. Michael Buerk on watching Phillipa Forrester cuddle up to a male

astronomer for warmth during BBC1's UK eclipse coverage remarked:

"They seem cold out there, they're rubbing each other and he's only

come in his shorts."

12. Ken Brown commentating on golfer Nick Faldo and his caddie Fanny

Sunneson lining-up shots at the Scottish Open: "Some weeks Nick likes

to use Fanny, other weeks he prefers to do it by himself."

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And the original coleman ball which was

"And now Juantorena opens his legs and shows his class"

(Mexico olympics 800m I think - commenting on Alberto Juantorena)

Wasn't there also the jonners one "and there's Botham standing in the slip with his legs apart looking for a tickle"

Phil B

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Drum "budum tcsh" for Graham please Mat.......

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I liked a conversation from a recent episode of "Not going out." The two characters were talking about a third person which they suspected of being a gangster. One said, "I hope he doesn't do a Michael Jackson on me," to which the other replied, "What do you mean? Turn ugly?" The first one said, "No. I mean take me to the top of a ferris wheel and toss me off."

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