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S1/S2 Front Suspension Springs

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Hi all,

I think I may have a problem with the front suspension springs on my

S1. I recently finsihed assembling the front suspension on my S1 so

the car is now a rolling chassis with the engine and box also in.

However the front springs are bowing out alot towards the wheels so

much so that the inside of the spring is actually touching the

damper body. Is this a normal?

The front of the chassis also seems to be sitting higher than I

remember when I took it apart but it was a while ago. Will the

weight of the body once its back on help to push the spings into


I bought the springs from SJ sportscars about 4 years ago but have

only just fitted them. Is it possible that the springs are the

incorrect length or rate? Can anyone confirm for me what the correct

spring spec should be for a UK S1?



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Lotus factory instructions are not to tighten up the suspension until the car is on the ground with the weight of two people and half full petrol tanks. If you've tightened everything up at the stage you're at with body off, then that might explain why things aren't sitting right?




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well I put some load one the chassis this afternoon. About 150-180kg of bricks sat on a plywood board on the front of the chassis. After bouncing it and rolling it back and forth the chassis settled down beautifully. The springs adopted a far better looking position with plenty of clearance to the damper. The track rod ends also cleared the anti-rollbar.

So all should be fine when I put the body on and tighten up the pivots with the load on. I can now press on with preparing the body.



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