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ok, i can actually put a fitting end to my problem on this....

Checked the heater over, and it turned out that quite alot of the vacuum pipes were erroded... so they were replaced... but the actuator to change the heater to demist still wouldn't work.

This plate was then fixed so the heater always blows demist, but it blows warm :D

Im chuffed with this... my heater will now blow hot or cold, and straight at the windscreen, so i can demist, or cool my face.

[for anyone wondering, all this was done by chris foulds... good lad :D]

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A diagram of the vacuum hose layout for the heater system for a 1987 HC turbo would be handy. Can anyone help with this?

I can provide some photos of the disconnected mystery pipes if that helps.



ok, i can give some further info on this, i had a group of 3 pipes all teed together with 2 of the tubes floating. the 3rd pipe goes back to the engine and has vacuum on it.. the two disconnected pipes connect to the fresh air valve and the mode valve, it is very difficult to see these 2 valves as they are right up behind the centre console. it is a pig to reconnect them, i took the radio out and stuck one hand in there whilst lying upside down under the steering wheel and using my other hand behind the console. hoorah! my heater works again....

Can you back flush using the two hoses that connect to the front and rear of the engine? It would save going under the car?


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