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What if the S1 Air Dam wants to be part of the car

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I think the S1 looks best with the front spoiler in black (it seems most or all Federal cars had it like that), and I am a purist to some extent, but I think your modified spoiler looks really good from any angle except straight on. Looks awesome from the side!

Hi Tony

I was thinking of painting the OE spoiler black and leaving the "improvements" blue - I wish I new somethig about Paintshop, but I have never played with those photo programs

Maybe I can print a pic & colur it with a texta?

B) ................xisab

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xisab, it is your car, let it achieve your vision. No car has a greater personal connection than a Lotus. I'm not sure I've ever seen a totally unmodified Lotus. Sure there are some awesome :) S1 restorations out there, maybe some that have been owned from new and unmolested, but how rare is this? A Lotus connects with its owner, enlightens, fills voids, and then asks "where do we go from here?" For some it's back to the showroom floor, complete with tartan, for others it's a spoiler mod, cams, CF gear knob, engine mount upgrade, Weber or Dellorto conversion (for the Yanks), 2.2's (is it better if you can't see it?), digital dashes, or strip, cage and competition. And who's to say where the dividing line is? Age? Series? All S2's now to be restored to stock, or not old or significant enough? No Gordini heads on early Europas? All S1 Elises unmodified? The Elise is historical, too. Honestly, where would Group Lotus be without it? There are enough purists in the world that extinction of the stock S1 is unlikely and enough chaps with the patience and skill of the likes of Paul Coleman and the guys at SJ Sportscars :) that if there's a desire to put a car "right," it will be done.

I don't really believe in boob jobs, but they can fulfill a need and sometimes actually make the world a more beautiful place, but I wouldn't presume to tell another man's wife whether or not they should have one (even though I may have an opinion!)... :(



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Hey afterall its your car and you should be able to do with it what you want. You guys will probably shoot me when you see what I did to my S1. under "resto on my 77' esprit." Bashing allowed, cause I don't care. I love my Lotus and love what I am doing to make it even more "personal" I didn't buy it as an investment it's a daily driver and will be well kept and looked after. You will see the finished product very soon as it is going in for paint next month.

So have at it boys, give me your best shot...

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Good call Paul! I agree... originally when I purchased mine... I wasn't going to anything other than stock... then after watching the pricing and seeing the differences between modified and un-modified prices etc... I noticed that all they did was depreciate.. and it really doesn't seem to matter what you've done to the car, it doesn't seem to change it's value a whole lot. This, I think, is partly due to the fact that a lot of Ferrari and Lambo owners are now modifying their cars and the old addage of "only buy a ferrari that's been dealer maintained" seems to be going the way of the wind. People are no longer quite the purists they used to be in the exotic car market. So, changes don't seem to affect the value nearly as much. It may affect the desirability of the vehicle to some, but there will be another section of the market that will gain interest as opposed to losing it. In the end... it's your bloody car... not the markets!

Modifying esprit's.. now that's fun..

PS... I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.. I Have chosen to help those in need, in the past and must not be construed as being a certified technician.

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