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Possible ABS Pressure Switch Interchange

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I saw this on the Yahoo Turbo Esprit Mailing list and I wanted to pass it along to the folks here, just in case it might help someone.

It's not been verified yet, but once it does it should be placed on the Stevens interchange list.



Hi all!

After much research and headache, I've found a solution to the

unavailability of the brake systems high pressure switch woes!!!

Even though the Lotus system used the delron assembly, there were no

good links from the company or Lotus for replacement parts. I know

after reading all of those posts last month that there are several of

you out there terrified of when the day finally arrives and you need

parts for the "no-longer-available" brake system.


Well, here's the solution:

Go to your local brake repair center which deals with

Jeep/Chrysler vehicles. ask them where they send out their BENDIX 10

systems to be rebuilt. (Bendix 10 is a system that's almost identical

in function to the Lotus's brake system used from 1990 to 1995 in all

Chrysler minivan, New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, etc..., and Jeep's sedans)

The main similarity is that both use a "DUAL FUNCTION PRESSURE

SWITCH" This switch runs between the Brake Fluid Pump Motor and

ground. When the pressure drops below 1800 psi, it connects ground

and thus you have pump motor action. The dual function is that if it

drops further to 1600 psi, it connects a different circuit which turns

on your dash brake warning light.

You can then send your pressure switch to them and they will give you

a matched new switch for around $125.00

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