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Wayne B was right again

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Well Wayne was right one more time. I have been complaining of my poor braking. I considered, and was in the process of replacing, the factory brakes. The inside wheel would grab in corners and they would shutter at speed. As I was preparing to purchase all new calipers rotors and brakets. I recieved a pm from Wayne encouraging me to look for other reasons for my poor performance. I had done everthing you could do to the brakes and the front end. While I was inspecting the rack I noticed alot of play in the lower control arm, and there it was. The sway bay end was not tight against the arm. It was the same on both sides. I looked in my parts manual for missing parts but they were all there. It apeares the threads on the bar did not go up the bar far enough. So, for shits and giggles, I installed a spacer between the washer and the nut. We have bush......We have bush..... It worked!!!!!!! My brakes are very acceptable now.

I have replaced the nut and washers on both sides. The only thing I can surmise, that at some point the sway bar was re-threaded, as the threads are SAE, and it was done too short, so spacer was added and the spacer wore out. I need to check my toe in, but I think I'm all good.

Thanks one more time Wayne!!


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Nice find Clay - good tip by Wayne. :lol:

I am now at the point of every oil change I do a re-torque of suspension / steering nuts and bolts due to progressive compression of bushes etc.

Surprising how it tightens up seemingly unrelated systems like braking etc.


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