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Quandry :

I'm due for a change of timing belt ....

Not by the amount of klms i do...

Though by the amount of time that has elapsed since last replacement.

It got replaced in 2002 just b4 i took command of Gcar

It was only while on this Forum that .. a few pennies dropped/years passed ...... thus cambelt.

I have a 1987 S3 HC na version

I believe that the HC engine was different to previous models.

They must be... as some parts cost difference reflects it.

What brands and part numbers correlate /cross reference ... to the part i need.

I can get GATES .... DAYCO...ACDELCO parts over here in OZ probably more if i knew who else made them ...

Sometimes doing your own x-referencing is better than going to a parts shop and asking them..

Who quickly look at the parts list on Pc or catalogue ... give it to you ... just to get rid of you ...try to install it .....WRONG BLOODY PART !!!! (we have all been there)

Be nice to turn up at the parts shop ... hit them with the CORRECT PART NUMBER ... then check that they have given CORRECT PART ... and not trying to fob you off..

Many thanks


Pomzo 87 S3HC na

Cough Cough Im Off

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Hi Alex,

Do your camshaft pulleys have rounded cogs or do the cogs have corners? Either way, it cross-references from a Nissan engine. If you look in the thread at the top for parts cross-reference, I believe there is info for each one in separate posts (I posted for the square-toothed belts).

I only use Continental belts -- just holding them in your hand, they are so much firmer and have a much better quality feel than the Gates belts and the no-name Mexican ones. If you look at them up close the Continental belts just look to be overall better quality, too.



Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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Yes it is isnt it....

I just want to get it right ...FIRST TIME ...

So many people (outside Lotus) .... saying what the best part is ...yarda yarda

Cross-referencing is good... thou somewhat confusing .... when cross-referencing backwards..

Have you played ... "What oil filter for me ?" ........ ^_^



Cough Cough Im Off

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