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Sydney meet


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Anyone interested in an LEF meet in Sydney, please post below. Danny can then gauge interest and set dates/location etc from there :devil:


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Yes, hullo to all the Sydney owners out there.

Bibs has done a lot of work to take LEF international and if local "chapters" are feasible. So this post is canvassing whether or not there are enough here in Sydney to start organising drives and trying to develop the type of camaraderie that exists in UK and USA albeit they have a lot more Esprit owners. How many do we have in Sydney to support this?

For the first drive I'm thinking about doing a loop of the Old Road, Spencer and Wiseman's with lunch or breakfast along the way. We could meet at either the old Berowra toll gates or go the opposite way starting from the Koala Park at Pennant Hills. If there is enough interest I'll organise this so please let me know what you think, either here or with a PM.

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Hi Dave, I expected you would after we met. How's it coming along? Let me know when you're registered and on the road.


Seller told me the driver's side tank was blocked off. I pulled out the engine surround, wood plates above tank, then got underneath to undo the earthing bolt, what do I find? Only one outlet on the tank and it is coupled into the system. Now I'm confused. There are the remains of the surgical tubing going through the body, but there is nothing for them to connect to.

Still the fuel gauge does not register but so far I have only put 6 litres of fuel in. It may not register below a few litres and if the tank is truly in the system then there is only half that in each tank.

I could not budge the balancing pipe, no hose clamps, just very firmly wedged on the outlet. I did find a very small leak at the fuel pump though, need to get that sorted.

I may be missing something. I could only get the car about 25cm off the ground so access was tight and lying on my back looking up is a recipe for dizziness for me so my attempts were short.


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Hi guys

I would be interested

I am in Brisvegas but would look at coming down for the weekend to show support

Need to replace my recently exploded clutch though, ( third one in 2 years)...wont be at least til the new year though

...Dave i notice you are working on the ground, to gain better access and height i use telephone books in stacks, taped together.

This gives the car a big footprint to sit on and you can litterally keep stacking them to as high as you want safely.

Goodluck with your endeavours, cremorne prestige knows a lot about Esprits if you get stuck on tech knowledge


"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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Hi, I just stopped by from here in Blighty to wish you luck in getting the first Oz chapter up and running.

If you read the latest NMEG event thread, you'll see that we could be driving in snow next weekend. Somehow, I think you guys may have more luck with the weather. :)

Have fun,


More speed, less haste

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It looks like there are only three/four of us including including HH in brissy. With Dave and my car currently out of service and Xmas around the corner this might have to wait until the new year.

That's a good idea to inform others through the Lotus club.


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Yeah a delay might be a good idea, I still have no clutch and box only half out at this stage...

bought the right tools for the job and gonna give the driveshafts a go tomorrow and then off with the starter and out with the transaxle.

was result of missing change from 4th to 5th and hitting 3rd instead...might not have been too bad if i was not doing 190kph at the time - Doh!

Result was chunks of clutch plate landing on the outside of transaxle, haveing been blow through the inspection plate.

still have to see the real damage in side though


"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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I'd be up for it.

Lets discuss the details :(


ps: I should read this part of the forum more often!.

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