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The Sport 300


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I like the Sport 300, I like it a lot. In fact so much so I can happily say that I really, really, really like it.

The concept, the performance, the handling, the styling, all of it really. Oh, and they look damn fine in black too!

Would it be a good/bad thing if I wanted my car to look like one and at some point perhaps for it to try and go like one?

Initially, I'd like the rear deck and spoiler as although I like the SE spoiler (it's my 2nd fav after the 300 spoiler) I really like the 300 one. Also, SE's from 92 on were fitted with the twin oval vent rear deck so I don't think it's too far removed from reality. The glass back has grown on me since having the SE but I'm still not overstruck on it too much so wouldn't miss it.

What are your thoughts? Yes/no?

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I think the Sports 300 is excellent too. However, doing the mods to your car won't add value and it might make it worth less. And it'll always be a pretender. But, life is too short, if you want an S300 and you can't afford one, then thats the next best thing.

Here's an N/A that's been converted to an S300 and it looks great:


And the larger pic: Clicky

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What does a 300 Sport cost then Bibs ... assuming you could get one?

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Bibs, your SE is a beautiful car as it sits. Appreciate what you have, take care of it, and save your money for the inevitable service or repairs that may be needed in the future.

I agree with Mark and Jukka, I wouldn't think you'd want to represent it as something it isn't, but it is your car, and you can do as you wish.


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Years ago (1992) I had an SE - glass back, exhaust on the right etc. and wanted to do exactly the same.

One of the test drivers at the factory (Murray) advised that the handling would be terrible with the 300 wheels without all the relevant suspension mods.

The last car I had was the mule - based on a cross between 300, gt3 and V8 - no arches but s4s oz alloys. Looked pretty nice

I have to ask myself - 'do I feel lucky'?

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I'm going to say yes mate. I think it's something you could do on an ongoing rolling basis, hasn't Kato done the same (apart from the interior) to his? I love Punky's car, especially the look of it and I don't think you would devalue your car at all. Performance would be good too!




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No, either keep your car and enjoy it or dig deep, scrimp & save, sell anything that moves (and some that don't) and buy a S300.

You'll spend a small fortune making it look like one but deep down you'll know that it's not, you'll still want one and for all the cash you'll have spent making yours look like one you could almost have afforded a 'proper' one.

They're not that hard to find if you're looking to buy one.

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just do it!

actually I was thinking about importing the Sport300 body kits from S J

but it is just too expensive ( I would spend spend the same amount on upgrading the brakes.)

and remember, you can never copy the chasis of Sport300.

too bad we cannot buy that extra rack on top of the engine.

I am sure it makes a huge different to the overall respond of the car.

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Do it bibs,

Its your motor and quite agree the sport 300 looks fantastic :)

the value thing as you have said does not matter, however if the kit

is well fitted and well painted im sure if you ever did sell it

you would not really affect the resale value of the car, you would

maybe just not make back the money you spent on the kit and wheels!

but im sure many people buyers would not frown on this

conversion because as people have said they look good

its not like you are fitting a max power boy racer kit



regards Danny


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Late wheels, late tailgate, late spoiler etc...


One day i'll look around and find i've got the only SE left on the planet!


Do what you like mate. Bear in mind the S300 has a lighter body than your's before

you even start bolting other bits onto it, so even if got got the same BHP, all the bits

you are adding will make it a much heavier car than the S300, even if you make it

mechanically identical, you have to go further still to make it as fast.

The project, excluding the cost of the SE, will almost certainly cost more than a good

Esprit S4s, so as long as you are sure it's a 'keeper' mate, then i guess go for it?


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Oh, and it was the spoiler on your GT3 which got me thinking of the idea even more!

My car seems to be taking a while to get sorted Bibs.....If it gets up here with an black SE rear deck and some gromets where the spoiler used to be i will be sending the boys round !!! :)

Mind you i liked the look of the S4S and wanted that spoiler on a GT3 even tho its not standard so i dont think you can say NEVER make changes ....

OK i wouldnt change the look of 0100G because i feel that S1's are historic vehicles these days and should probably be left but for the later cars i dont think you have a lot to loose by changing the look of your car if you like it a certain way then i would say go for it... it has crossed my mind to put S4S wheels and arches on the GT3 when i get it :)

This one has been for a sale for a bit.

No prizes for guessing why ... that colour / interior would be hard to live with and a bitch to re-sell.

Edited by GordonMasson
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Personally, I wouldn't but I'm something of a purist when it comes to 'improving' classic designs.

But then I'd much rather you do that than buy a period house and 'improve' it by ripping out all the original sash windows etc to replace them with completely out-of-keeping UVPC rubbish :)

At the end of the day it's your car etc :)

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For me I'd do it. I modded my turbo and loved every minute and I'm going to do the same to the V8.

For me it's not the resale that matters but the pleasure you get from the car. If you want it to look and go like a S300 then why not. There are lots of original SE's out there that aren't selling so one less original one won't matter.

Just my 2p.


Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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Some things seem to be more accepted as "replicas",

I'd love a GT40 replica but wouldn't be seen dead in a lambo replica of any kind.

both copies can be around the same price to do and both originals are around the same price to buy, but one always seems more desirable than the other.

It's your car, so do what you will, don't let comments about resale value sway you either way as Alan says it's what you want from the car.

Also I can't decide if I actually like the lime green one on LEW or not......... Now THAT'S a brave colour choice :)


Mean Green S4s

I think therefore I am - Descartes

I'm pink therefore I'm spam - Eric Idle

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