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Hi all,

Went to see a prospective purchase SE last night and took Wayne from Sinclaire of London with me (who I should point out is an absolutely top bloke!).

Now, after leaving the car idling for 15 mins or so to get it nice and hot, upon taking it for a spin the oil pressure gauge dropped straight away and the warning light came on.

The owner thought it may have been a dodgy sensor, but I have since found out that low pressure can sometimes be due to a tired engine which has incurred a bit of wear (this one had done over

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Would advise getting it checked proffesionally then unless you know your way around and esprit very well. other wise you will do what i did and find out the expensive way!

if hes saying it is just the sensor let him replace it. lets face it no one is going to buy it with the oil pressure light coming on unless you know 100% your self it is the sensor.

good old british bartering is the solution if you are 100% that it is that and he doesnt want to get if fixed!

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My S4s is having the oil gauge and sender replaced as I write - gauge read oil pressure real low most of the time, so checked with a mechanical and sure enough it was fine. Bottom line, get it checked and to be certain have them verify it with a mechanical gauge.

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My S4s has Autometer machanical oil pressure gauge. I use SS braided line from gauge to engine, take sender out and connect there. Should be no reading mistake. But it shows about 25-30psi at idle, hot engine. Still above 16 psi. I don't know what wrong with my engine or Lotus service notes. BTW I use Mobil 1, 5W-50.

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