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Weekend jobs

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First the LHD headlights need to fitting. As there were none available (for several months) I got Elise ones which are alledgedly the same.

Handbook said 'pull headlight units off the adjuster bolts'. Several minutes pulling later it was clear that structural damage was going to occur first. So lets just rotate the nylon clips 90

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Oh :respect:

I forgot to measure the size of the lock nuts on the adjustable top links (some bigger spanners are required) and now the wheels are back on.

Anyone remember what size they are? Must be around 22mm or so?

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Finally a weekend that goes to plan :thumbsup:

Extracting the Lotus suspension bushes was quite painless with a length of studding to pull them out.

The inner top link ones were so bad that you could push out the steel sleeves by hand and were effectively metal to metal contact :) Feel confident that I have now found the cause of the steering twitchyness.

The PUK polybushes being two-piece are so easy to fit by comparison.

All the adjusters eventually came undone and camber is now at a much more respectable 1,5

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Had to change the rear pads in the S4 I have just acquired. Pads down to metal...No probs; redstuff arrived 24hrs after ordering.New discs as old scored to death.

Told wife I would be an hour..... 4 hours later n/s done apart from caliper seals now leak.Drivers side caliper is completely seized on sliders,has to come off ,takes bench press to unseize top slider,both rubber gaiters caliper please.

What is it with weekends and "small" Esprit jobs!!!



Soon to be 350 again.

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Told wife I would be an hour.....

2 weeks ago I had said "its got adjustable top links - it wont take long".

She knows that I spent a full afternoon and totally failed to unseize them.

This time it was a triumph of brute strength over corrosion.

I have since mentioned that the front caster needs a tweak and "that could be a long job..." Cant say I'm not learning :thumbsup:

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  • Gold FFM

yes, there is something mystical in relationship with an Esprit: 800km planed last weekend, and after 600 its gone bad... . :) Unrealistic o2-sensor voltage and rough running. Bad thing it is to cold outside for more "weekendjobs" under the open sky!

I need a big garage with room temperature! :thumbsup:


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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I resealed the drain outlets near the rear boot. I drilled out the old rivets and bedded the outlet on clear silicone and riveted it back up. This is a common issue with the Esprit and you end up getting water in the boot.

Also took out my sunroof and tighened up all the brackets and tongues as it was creaking when driving. All fine and creak free now!

My next job is to address the driver's side main door seal which has started to split at the bottom by the radius corner.

At the side time, I wizz off the wiper arm as the paint has come off. I'll sand it down and spray it again with satin black paint.

And I think thats it for me this winter...

Dave Walters

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