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Up rate s3 brakes

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Can any one help.My esprit has solid disks and standard calipers.I would like to put wilwood 4 pots and vented discs on her.Talked to Rally Design but they don't list a fitment.They said they would need a front corner of the car.Has any one fitted these brakes before and knows what size discs and calipers to use

Mark p

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Have you considered using the later setup with vented front discs and the Toyota style calipers?

I used Rally Design for the Wilwood stuff when I went to 309mm with Sumitito calipers on the front, very quick delivery.

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What years is your S3 as it makes a big difference ?

If it is 1981 - 1985 then it has the Triumph based front suspension.

You can get a complete upgrade kit from PNM which uses the same size (but vented) discs and Hispec 4 pot Ultralite calipers.

This will bot straight on and still fit under the 15" BBS alloys.

Other than that there is little off the shelf kits to buy.

Someone on this forum has put Wilwoods onto a 'G'car, can't remember which one and who.

I have put 300mm vented discs and Hispec Billet4 calipers on my 1981 S3, but it did mean having to make custom brackets to do it and they won't fit under a BBs alloy either.


If it is 1985 - 1987 then it has Lotus front suspension which uses their own upright.

Your choice of brake upgrade parts gets bigger as this set-up was used right up to the V8s.

Putting the Wilwoods on will almost certainly need a caliper bracket of some sort to be fabricated.


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1981 S3 4.2 V8 6 speed (The Mutant)

Mutant V8 Conversion Thread

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Jan that looks great,could you do me a favour and price that set up for me.It might be cheaper for me to import them from canadar,would appreciate it thanks Mark p.

I ordered each component from Wilwood in the USA.. and had the hat and adapter made locally.. If I remember right, it cost me about $1900 for the complete setup... StopTech wanted $8000 from me for their GT2 setup.. good yes, but no thanks.. I not trying to out-brake everything on the road.

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pretty ceratin its a no no and I think you have to change the hubs, as the disc sits differently. Sure some one will confirm

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