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S4 with no air cond. or heat

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although i hardly use either heat or air conditioning, it's getting quick cold here and i tried turning on the heat for the

first time with no luck. I waited quite a while for it to heat up but it did not. the fan works great though.

anything I should check first?

thanks so much, -Nick

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air in the system ?

turning the knob from the heater doesn't have to mean that the flap opens (something loose?)


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researche is something i do when i don't know what the hell i'm doing

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We need more info. How do you know air con isn't working? You can check this by looking at the inspection chamber in the front boot (I think). Have you checked all your fuses? Have a look in your handbook but check all your fuses anyway. There is a bank of fuses in the back near the battery, check all these as there is an unassociated fuses which is connected to the aircon.

Next check for vacuum leaks.

Finally, I found that my heater cable had snapped on my S4s. It's an easy fix, there is an inner and outer cable attached to the knob behind the heater control panel, cut back the outer part to expose the same amount that has snapped off. Reconnect to knob.

If it's none of the above then I'd be looking at heater itself.

Dave Walters

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If the fan blows but can't change output (ie vents or screen) it may be the vacuum hose under the dash. With the rear hatch open can you hear a pump running continuously at the front right of the luggage compartment?

If so, the hose is off somewhere.... (assuming it's the same as my GT3). When I had this (when summer ended) I couldn't switch from vent to demist and it felt as though it was blowing only luke-warm air (I'm guessing because it mixes with fresh air)

Tim B

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