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Batteries help needed!


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I was fed up with batteries always going flat and needing constant charging if the car wasn't used as regularly as it should. I bought an Optima Yellow Top 4.2s from

It wasn't cheap and I haven't had it long but hopefully it will live up to the claims of trouble free use even if abused. It fits without any problems too.



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Just so happens that the Product Test in last week's Auto Express was on batteries. Top 3 from the 10 tested were:-

1. Exide X-Tra Plus (Best Buy)

2. Halfords Standard

3. Halfords Advanced* (Calcium)

* "The advanced range of batteries uses calcium technology, which bumps up the price, warranty, and in theory, performance. However, while we cannot complain about this unit's five starts from cold, or the 225 minute bulb test time, the products non-calcium stablemate outperforms it. And it is quite a bit cheaper too."

Edit - Was going to offer to email a copy over to you but just found it on their website - clicky

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Hi guys ,thanks for your help.I think i will try the optima.The problem I am getting is the starter seems to take so much juice out of my battery( which could be knackerd) that it erases all the preset stations in the radio.


Have you decided which version to go for? Do you have a model no etc for the optima units? How much are they quoting you?

It is time to change mine too and I am not sure which type to go for, so many options out there :no But I will put larger diamerter cables to and from the battry at the same time. :)


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OK, so My battery is totally shagged and won't even take a charge (I tried jumping it this week and couldn't get it to turn over even).

I work opposite Halfords and the only issue I have is which battery to buy? Whats the recommended one? Or should I go for an extra heavy duty to (hopefully) not go flat within 5 days?

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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What do we pay you for?......oh, we don't get paid :thumbsup:

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Prob does not help as I am in the USA, but I put in a Champion (900 cold crank amps) and it does the trick for me. Paid $63.00USD and it has a 36 month total replacement warenty. Prorated value on trade in after that for another 2 years.


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I quite fancy a new battery, but something that is lighter than the current Valeo one I have (which after 6 years, is still functioning fine).

Are these Valeo red/yellow batteries a lot lighter? If so, do they still have as much capacity?

Surely these days there must be better technology that allows for a lighter battery that still provides the same, or better, functionality?

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I use batteries every day - afaik sealed lead acid is the only way to go becuase of cranking power required.

The little Halfords jobby is fine on my car, 35 amp hours and cranks the car no probs as long as the electrical connections are good (which they were not before) - The red and yellow tops (optimas) at work a lot heavier and bigger but they are 60Ah.

Before splashing out on new funky batteries etc check your current drain, you might not need one.

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I think I will be buying a new Battery Saturday, mines finally dying. :santa:

Each time I go to it and turn it over it just manages it on the last turn it feels and finally fires. It's the weather finished mine off, no problems with the car during the summer so I don't suspect power drain, not even enough from the window switches. I started it last night and ran it a while, and still this morning it was completely dead nearly.

I will invest in a heavy duty one, biggest one that will fit.


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just a quick reminder about batteries, check to see that it isnt the alternator on its way out by putting your headlights on and driving right up to a wall.

Apply hand brake and put into 1st. Gently lift clutch and if lights dim with rev drop then alternator is fine.

If lights stay bright then they are working off the battery only and alternator is f*cked.

simple test.


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