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Advice Needed!

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Hi all,

Could I ask someone to cast a knowledgeable eye over this 88T that's on Ebay:

the car is about 400 miles away from where I live, so I can drive down to see it, but I thought I would see if anyone could spot anything fishy.

If you get good or bad vibes please let know.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Gavin

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First thing that stands out to me is that it's got a Citroen gearbox and inboard brakes. I'm sure I'll get flamed for saying this, but I would steer clear of the early ones with the Citroen gearbox as they can't handle any more power.

If you are happy to always stick to the same 215 BHP they come with, then fine. But if you want to go for more power (easy to do, really, and very tempting) then you may have gearbox problems later on.

It looks clean enough apart from that.

just my two pence.. I'm sure others will comment as well and either agree or disagree with me.

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it depends what you are after, i was looking for an 89 turbo, but settled for a 1994 s4, (preffer the shape) looks a nice car, you just need to decide is this the model you want, if so are you willing to go 400 miles to look at it, or is there anything closer to you. i preffer the slightly later interior and design. although the abs is pap, but liveable. electric fuel flaps (bonus in my book)

good luck

It's Oogies turn to boogie

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I think the text of the ad was a bit biased.

I'll repost this response from the Yahoo Esprit Mailing List:

"Well my 89 non-SE does not have an airbag wheel, power steering or

ABS brakes. These were introduced on later SE models.

It does have the Renault tranny, and apart from losing the inboard

brakes I think it's better it than the CM.

IMO, the only thing proven by the Bosch FI was that the Delco was

much better! Don't forget the Delco engine management allows you to

use Freescan for troubleshooting.

My car also has the same chassis as the older models, the Eagle

chassis was introduced, I think, on the 89 SE model. I would think

most people would say this was an improvement.

I don't know about the power fuel door openers, weren't they on the

88's as well?

For completeness the power door lock was on the passenger side only

and was driven by the act of turning the key in the driver's door lock.

My recommendation is that if you like the Steven's body style get the

latest model you can afford - the S4s was the pinnacle of the 4

cylinder Esprits.




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I have an 88. I love it! I'm fine with the horse power. The Bosch system works fine when tuned. Its all what your willing to settle for....

I wanted an Esprit but couldn't afford and S4s so I got a decent 88. Has the looks of the newer models but mostly the leftovers of the s3...

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I am probably the wrong guy to respond, but i would say check it out, I have an 88 and I avoid changing the car that much, I mean it is quick enough, but there is something to be said for just keeping it like it is . . . I also have a V8, but if you want speed there are so many better cars that are cheaper, vettes for example, not in the same class, I have a few, but they are faster cars. The 88 model US version did have the Citroen, and the clutch is a bit more expensive, but not that big a deal for a do it yourselfer, I have done one, actually easier than the V8, more room to work etc . . . The renault gearbox was a bit more robust, although I have read conflicting reports on that one, the change was due to a manufactuer stop making the box, not looking for something more steady. An 88 with 40k plus miles should have a new timing belt, I would say clutch, and a good service history, this is what is most important. I mean you buy an 88 and you may see 1 or 2 more lotus on the road your entire life, they are just rare and not seen that often. My 88 Black turbo esprit gets almost as much attention as my Countach . . . also 88. I have a 84 ferrari 308, white and a red 930 turbo 87 . . .renamed 911 turbo for us . . . and the lotus is just as fun to drive as any of those cars. A totally different experience, not a touring car, not real comfortable on long hauls, but it is a weekend, curvy road, kind of car I think. The brakes could use some help as well, I would check the cars air cleaner and box for oil, these cars have horrendous blow by and it gets worse on an engine that has not been properly maintained. . . . and there is always the turbo to worry about, it should have plenty of life in it at 45k but demand to drive the machine. You can quickly spend 5 to 10 thousand just getting the car on the road if it is a lemon . . . Thanks

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Hi all,

thanks so much for the input, all your comments are greatly appreciated !!

I have sent the seller a few questions and await the answers with interest.

I unfortunately will not be able to view the car before the end of the auction, so I will have to negociate something with the seller if I end up being the winnig bidder.

Not sure about the 2k deposit - nonrefundable.

Will keep you all posted as to the developements.

Any new comments are welcome.

Thanks again.


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