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Brake Discs/Rotors/Pads for S4 /S4S/GT3

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Following on from my initial post regarding the ABS system ,mending it, and Gordons subsequent questions regarding his new GT3.IT GOT ME THINKING!

How much difference do different pad and disc combinations make? Does the feel get any better or is wooden /vague the best we can get.I know with the sport 350, I fitted yellowstuff race pads to the front and thought the brakes were good before, but after fitting those WOW!The bite etc was noticeably better.

My S4 came with worn out brakes .I have fitted red stuff pads to the back,replaced one caliper and as yet not replaced the discs. The fronts are the black Brembo calipers .I was thinking of redstuff again maybe with grooved or drilled discs all round.

I would be interested in other peoples experiences?

Apologies if this is an old topic :blush: ,but if we can't improve the basic system,what else can be done?


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Answer = a lot

None of it will afect the feel though - that is all down to the boost chamber on the master cylinder.

Remember :

Calipers provide clamping force, the bigger the better and the larger pads they can hold.

Pads provide friction, the bigger the better and the more agressive material the better

Disks are the part where all the forces act on the wheel, the bigger the better (more radial force/surface area) and they disipate heat better. Grooves and holes help but they have to be manufactured correctly.

EBC rotors are a good example where they have the grooves and holes almost rounded off, so all they really do is reduce the surface area and olook good.

You can sit around all day and discuss different pads / rotors and so on - its all down to suitability, cost, preference and so on so it really depends on the situation, cash availability, driving style etc. Everything also has it's up and downs, better pads = more friction = more stopping power but more heat, more wear on the disks and more expense.

Remember at the end of the day, tyres stop a car, not brakes - no good you having a monumental braking system if it lock the wheel everytime you push the button.

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