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OK, so I had the car on the ramp today and the Honda Tech, who also happens to be Roger Beckers son, who's doing my brakes for me, has pointed out a pipe that seems to be nearly cut through.

Just infront of the n/s wheel and a few inches in there seems to be a coolant pipe of some kind...maybe a heater pipe. It comes out of a hole in the shielding but has been chafing against the metal, which is also very sharp to the touch.

I need to sort it, so any idea what the pipe it under pressure (I would assume so) and how the hell do I stop it without cutting the shielding? Anyone else had this problem?

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You really should remove the pipe (repair it) and file the sheilding so that the sharp edge has gone, then protect it with a grommet (not the cheese loving dog type).

If you want to do a temporary fix to the pipe, possibly even avoid the filing bit, cu the hose use a pipe joiner and hose clamp it either side of the sharp edge.


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remember you have radiator pipes, oil cooler pipes and air con pipes down there. glass fibre can be sanded easily or filed to get rid of sharp edges, I do this every time I scratch myself or see evidence of damage from sharp edges. If in doubt sand/file the glass and pack out the pipe with some layers of black bodge tape. It won't be a permanent fix but will protect the pipe from further damage until you can get the part to replace it. It may have only damaged the first layer of the pipe which is probably multi layered.

Remember, some of these pipes might be difficult to source or removing it might create a whole load more problems especially in that area, it is infamously difficult to remove things like radiators, see the other threads.

don't worry too much about reshaping grp with a file it can be easily repaired/reshaped in future.

Geoff at Esprit Eng replaced all the fans and fitted a new rad to my car, he simply cut out the glass and re glassed it back when it was all done. painted it black and you wouldn't know.

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Probably lost some of the edging strip - C shaped cover that goes over sheet metal faces to stop them cutting into things.

You can make one out of a piece of rubber hose and slit it down lengthwise and slide it over the edge.

Sounds like the Chargecooler pipe but impossible to tell really without a pic.

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