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My Esprit (85 turbo) does not start.

I pull the choke completely and start the engine. At the beginning you have the impression that it ignites a few times.

But it does not start. Then after having tried several times there is no more ignition.

The spark plugs are wet after that operation.

Could anything with the ignition be wrong? could it be too weak ?

The car has been standing for a while, so some things may be corroded.

Maybe I will try to post a sound file later

Will appreciate any help


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I'd suggest reducing the amount of choke you're using, possibly not even any.

Once your plugs are clear and dry, try this.

pump the throttle from release to floor twice, not exceptionally fast or slow.

Then turn the starter while leaving the throttle alone.

What happens ? Does it fire, does it start?

A lot of Lotus cars flood when on choke, it's because they (along with lots of other high performance engines) are set on the rich side rather than the lean side of perfect. After all, you don't buy a Lotus for economical driving. That means it's easy to give too much fuel, flood the plugs, and the spark goes, you keep trying to start it, things just get more and more petrol soaked.


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thanks for your quick reply Andy.

I was just on my way out to the garage.

Think I will first remove the plugs and clean them and then start without choke as you have suggested.

Have the car only for 2 days!

Will let you know what the outcome is.


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Strange, as in lumpy? Firing on 3 cylinders?

If so, and you've run it for a while I'd suggest spraying the electrics with a water dispersant (Wd40 etc), see if that improves things, or just run it until the engine is at full temperature, that should then allow the heat to get rid of any moisture, if that cures it temporarily,but it comes back then look for places water could be getting into the electrical system. If it's fine from there on, just assume there was still excess fuel in the system and all is well now.


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