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Coughing Carbs


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Me again, just to ask another daft question, it cant be a good thing when the carbs spit back through the intake and pop and bang?

They were rebuilt by a mate who used to do a lot of them on old alfa's, so i guess he knew whats what. Just wondered if there is somewhere i can send them so i know for sure they are good?

Could the ignition be to blame also? It has been adjusted myself with a good gun, but seems to not idle very well when set to 9ish deg btdc.

I gotta get my car to someone who know's what they are doing before i blow it up completely!!

(good fun though) :thumbsup:

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Tuning is a bit of an art - only if you do it half-hearted. Simply, there are several influencing parts to tuning that need to be checked, preferably in sequence:

1. Check float levels

2. Set timing (I thought it was about 6 deg BTDC(??))

3. Set dwell

4. Set synch between carbies

5. Check timing again

6. Adjust idle mixture rates

7. Steps 5 and 6 again.

When I check for timing, I double check against the front pulley, just in case someone has miss-marked the flywheel.

You will need some tools for synching the carbs and adjusting the idle mixture rates, or there are some non-tool techniques here:

there are lots of tuning topics in the search area of LEF too.

Spitting carbs after all that has been checked could be an inlet valve issue - compression check.


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Yep sounds like your timing is out mate.

Do you think this is why the rpm doesnt droop of instantly when the throttle is closed too?

I think i will see if i can nurse it along to mike after christmas, i am only going to make things worse i reckon. :thumbsup:

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