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gearbox removal, strip down & clutch removal


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now i know that before removing the gearbox i need something under the sump to take the weight of the engine thats ok, but is there a process for stripping the gearbox down? i intend to buy the gearbox kit from harry martens in january and have it rebuilt by a friend who does gearboxes. while apart it can be blasted and then the casings powder coated before re-assembly. so any advice on the strip down procedure?

also whats the procedure for removing the clutch and flywheel please? going to fit a new clutch and have the fly wheel checked over too.

im also getting the alloy wheels recoated also with the black centres can these be just fitted to a plain wheel removal machine in a tyre shop with no harm sone?



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Harry Martens is the best guy to speak to about the gearbox dis-assembly as he knows the things inside out.

I don't suppose there are many on LEF that have actually taken one to bits.

The clutch and flywheel just bolt on, no difficult stuff there.

The Esprit wheels are nothing special apart from the offset so any decent place will be able to deal with them.


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Do you have a workshop manual, Simon? I wonder how many of your answers you can get from there and what extra you need from here.

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I've had the Citroen type gearbox in had eaten it's crown wheel and pinion. If you have the Service Notes it's all pretty logical, no real problems dismantling it, it's the re-assembly which gets interesting - especially if you've changed the crown wheel and pinion set, as they have to be set up with a select-to-fit spacer on the pinion/mainshaft assembly, there is a special gauge fixture to measure the pinion projection but you can use a digital vernier caliper and a suitable straightedge as I did. The differential bearing preload is also a bit complex, using a spring balance and a piece of string to rotate the assembly, adjusting the preload until just the right amount of force is needed. You also need a special tool to torque up the 5th gear on to its shaft, it needs to be pretty thin to fit in. This is also a torque multiplier as it's 150 lb ft iirc. I also changed some of the synchro units, the 1st/2nd had suffered from P.O. mad snatching gearchanges! I haven't tried removing the gearbox with the engine in situ, I always pull the whole lump and get it on the bench first.I found the job most always seems worthwhile to work on these cars, better than changing brake pads on a Sierra, anyway. Good luck, Simon; should keep you busy through the winter!!

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