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Trunnions, oil leakage.

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Is it normal that after a long descent with a set of realy hot brakes and parking on a steep road, oil is leaking outside the top of the trunnions?

Have read that a grease gun is the right tool to oil them, but what is the trick to pump oil with a grease gun?

Is there a modified type available in the market with a kind of oil reservoir?

Would appreciate a picture and / or a source where I can buy one.


Website with information and pictures PBB St Tropez convertible Esprit:

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For the oil to leak out of the top you must have trunnions that are very close to being full, so I wouldn't worry to much.

I would guess the heat caused the oil to expand slightly, it got thinner so would run more easily, then on the inclined angle it slightly dripped out. You could try replacing the top selas, but these are only dust seals, so not really designed to keep the oil in, just keep debris out.

Re Bigsi's post, if the trunnions are worm out, then I'd say go for the upgrade, if they're in good condition I'd say wait for them to wear out- then upgrade. Our cars do put the trunnions under a lot of strain, these were designed for mush smaller tyres and much less powerful cars, so the cornering forces are much higher on an Esprit than a GT6 for example.

Re putting the oil in, I would have thought a standard (non cartridge) grease gun would do the job, as long as you incline it so that the oil runs to the tip of the gun. I've not had to do mine that way, the last time mine were done (a few weeks before the S3 last went on the road), I oiled mine in the garage vice, replacing the trunnions to eradicate a little play in the old ones (before I knew of the upgrade available).


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When I had my Elan, I just used a standard grease gun to lubricate the trunnions. It had a spring-loaded bottom (Ooh err, missus). Used to put the oil into it and release the bottom so the oil was pushed to the top of the grease gun and used it as normal. The oil was pretty thick so it didn't run out.

Or you can take it to a garage and get them to do it. Shouldn't cost much.

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I use a Wanner grease gun I bought for 25/- (That's shillings, in old money, or

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