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I just bough a 1994 S4 about 20 hours ago :devil: .

I have quite the rubbing noise coming from the rear brakes (both sides) at low speeds. The previous owner said the E-brake needs adjusting and it will be OK. However, the inside of the wheel is being damaged. I don't know if shrapnel is coming off the discs (they don't look damaged) and/or the brakes just need adjusted.

Any ideas?

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There is something uber wrong there !!!!!!!

You really shouldn't drive the car any more until you track down the problem as you have a serious mechanical issue.

I very much doubt it is just an adjustment problem, if it was, the PO would have done it before selling the car.

Your pictures don't give much away, you should take the wheels off you will see what is rubbing the insides of the rims as there will be paint all over it.

My guess is the brake calipers haven't been fitted correctly or have come loose.


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I echo Andy's comments. Whatever it is could wear its way through the rim and cause a sudden tyre deflation and loss of control of the car. It may be something as simple as a stone caught between the caliper and wheel but I would check it out as soon as I could.

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I would check to see if there is a visible gap between the caliper and the wheel. get it up on a jack and spin the wheel and get right in there to locate the source, might be an idea to take the wheel off too just to check the depth of rubbing, looks only surface to me but pictures are deceptive.

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I have Wilwood brakes. Would these be Lotus bolts or Wilwood bolts? Local hardware shops didn't have the exact threads. Close, but not close enough. I have tightened the bolt that's there quite snug to where the car is driveable until I have to make an emergency stop.

So...Would these be Lotus bolts or Wilwood bolts?

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If the threaded section is in the calliper, then check with Wilwood. If it's in an adapter plata (I don't think Lotus fitted Wilwood) then it could be anybody's guess, but If you check with a specialist they will probably confirm it as Metric fine.

I used an online store to get some metric fine bolts, they're not cheap by the time you factor in postage, but they are necessary. Alternatively, try a motor dealer, as many cars will use Metric Fine, if yo get a helpful person on the dealer's parts department they may find a bolt in their spares to match your needs.

A good bet would be Toyota, things like the Supra that used the callipers on the middle aged Esprits, these were approximately 20mm of thread & 20mm of shank. I don't know how long it is that you need.


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