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open apology

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well it would seem i have made the mother of all f ups.

things have not been good here for two months or so, with further health issues and deterioration, being back in hospital only a few weeks ago, trying to re-start my business and being messed about on that by several clients who didnt pay for stock i now have sat here, the mother of all bust ups with my family which in turn has alienated me from them and a couple of issues with the car led me to make probably the biggest fukup of my lifetime i think.

i needed advice and help and it would seem i asked the wrong person for reasons that were full of good intent off me which it would seem has become twisted in a cat and mouse hate game.

unfortunately for me this resulted in some very heated emails being sent by me, with everything else going on me getting irate and more and more angry with every email.

i had been trying to make sense of everything and trying to get everyother issue sorted out in my life so i didnt ruin another xmas and new years eve and have kelly worry about me further and further.

however things were said in emails by other people that i have never said or spoken and this is what i find quite disturbing as it casts a bad light on myself.

so why the apology?

some of the guys here will be effected by the issues raised and in turn will no longer think the very best of me i dare say, to be honest i dont blame them.

all i can say in my defense is after after all teh crap last year it felt like i was going through it all again, it was like deja vu for me and teh stress of dealing with everything else was bearing down on me every single day with no break to the point i almost brokedown.

i spoke with kimbers last night and bibs this evening about things, a few things were pointed out to me that i had no idea about and has made me see what an absolute idiot i have been and what an arse the other person has made of me.

so where do we go? i dont know i have to leave it to you guys and let you make your decision, bibs has offered to speak with you on my behalf but its my mess and i need to put it right, this is the first step i hope.

i did ask bibs if he wanted me to leave the forum to which he said no, and i suppose thats a good thing as it would be like running away from the problem and burying my head in the sand.

guys its been a very troubling time for me, those that know me better than anyone else know how prone i am to getting things wrong when it gets like that.

some have seen me break down in tears trying to cope, have heard the crap i have had to deal with and tried to re-assure me.

sp i offer this apology

it is with most sincerity that i apologise , i say this with ah eavy heart and a deep sense of shame i only hope that you are better in judgment than i was and can take the time to forgive me for my mistake.



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As a bit of background to this, Si has been having a few problems with his car as we all do when we put miles on the clock that he discussed with an individual member of the forum rather than direct with any of those directly involved in the restoration. These problems could have been dealt with at the time but unfortunately Si and the other guy worked each other up and heated words were said, hence the apology above to all those involved with the project.

We've had a good chat and errors of ways have been seen and won't be issues in the future, Simon now knows who his friends are better than before and has apologised for what was said. The other guy won't be apologising I guess but it's pretty clear once both sides of the story are seen that there was malice in what was said and done. I didn't ask nor expect this apology from Si on here to everyone but at least those who have been involved in this behind the scenes can have a read.

On behalf of me, apology accepted and I hope that our conversation helped to clear the air and given you a better idea of how to better deal with these situations in the future. :thumbup:

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