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Bodyshop Recommendations?

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Greetings all and Happy New Year!

Reading Owen's thread on restorations has reminded me that I need to find a good bodyshop to sort out the Aston. It's a V8 Oscar India and they do corrode, especially where the aluminium meets the steel (good design!).

I know of a few Aston specialists, but I'm aware that the word "Aston" tends to add on a good 20% to any quote. The last restoration was done in 1997 and cost a mere

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Taking the body skins off is not as easy as it sounds, because alloy is a funny material, it grows!

When I did the Aston restoration jobs, once the chassis had been painted, you then have to protect the body work before refitting as you said, the two metal react with each other even if they are painted from the odd scratch form. Aston on the really old cars used fabric between the chassis and body, but we used a good sticky tape, anything that would last and would fprm a barrier between the two materials.

The next fun job is because the body have been off and pulled about it is now bigger than when it first came off. I had to chop 1/4" from the original cut lines to get them to fit again! You may think I'm kidding, but I didn't believe it at first, but both cars I done need sections removed to line them up again.

I would speak to Stratton Motor Company, not them to do the work, but they would know of some good specialist repairers being Aston dealers as well as Lotus. I helped them deliver a 4 1/2 litre Blower Bentley for some guy restoring one to some restorers down south. I can't remember where it was, but it was loads of small farm building with all these old boys doing the best aluminium work ever! Rolling full flared wings from flat sheet metal, now I've done rolling alloy and it's not easy, takes years to perfect the art, so I knew how hard it was what they were doing. True craftsmen who once gone, so will there skill as I doubt people learn trades like that anymore.

I will have to find some more images up of the Aston before they were painted.


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P& A Wood are very very good they specialise in RR and Bentley and are the only RR/Bentley bodyshop recommended by the factory. Google them


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look for a landrover garage

they must know somebody

the landrover is made of aluminium


Much as I love Landrovers, I'm not entirely certain their "coachwork" needs quite such an obsessional level of finishing: after all, here's mine - check out the quality of those panels!


Thanks for the other suggestions - anyone know of anywhere near the south-west ?

Oh, I should have mentioned, Stratton did the

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