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differences between an 94 S4 and 89 SE

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all - Crescent Fresh and I are getting together next week to sort through his new-2-him 1994 S4.

As you know I have a 89 SE.

As we work through a schedule C on his S4 - are there any difference form my SE that will through us for a loop?

I understand that the S4 turbo and ECM chip are different - along with the rims, brakes and suspension tuning - but none of that will throw a wrinkle in the 'standard' maintenance schedule C stuff - right?

Lou Senko

Austin, TX

more, more, more....

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hope u square all the problems

if u guys need anything for Crescent Fresh's car let me know

I have my car a part I can temporary loan u anything to test,

ecu, map sensor, o2 sensor etc. I even have 2 electric

charge cooler pumps, 1 is new johnson

good luck guys,

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Well - we made a good dent in fixin the issues with the S4:

- re-gapped the new plugs

- cleared cat chunks blocking the exhaust and holding the EBPV closed

- repaired cut wire on the 'soleniod relay' in the backpanel box which seemed to address:

- - fixed - no vacuum pulling on the EBPV - so it never opened

- - fixed - check engine light throwning a error code 26

- tightened the cam belt

- swapped the alternator belt

So now no shuttering when over 5200rpm and the turbo spools and he has boost

Things still left:

- ABS light

- chargecooler flush and likely a new implellor or electric pump swap

- cooling fans always on

- check the cabin heat

- valve cover gaskets

All in all we had a good day sorting it and the car left much faster... :welcome:

Edited by Quikr

Lou Senko

Austin, TX

more, more, more....

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