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well its going to be a busy day tomorrow as i have to fit a few new things as some have worn away due to age :fun:

new reverse light switch in gearbox finally gave the ghost up so thats a 2 min job if that!

oil filler cap seal to be replaced, 30 sec jobbie

anti vibration bushes for both engine mounts as they were not in the kits, a new left hand mount rubber as the one there melted because i couldnt get heatshields in there.

so i am having a dual skin stainless shield fabbed up at the moment at my old engineering works, did the tmeplate and the old boss is fabbing it this morning.

test fit the new water pipe on the front of the car see if it fits or not

and couple of new gaskets and thats it really, then when shes all back together i can do the coolant and finally get her out for a few hours :ermm: then clean her up again.

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guess what... its bloody peed down all day long...

funny thing though, my reverse light switch .. it works fine now i got it off and cleaned it up, i will cut the old terminals off the wires and fit some nice new ones on as i think the old ones have had it.

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When I was driving today I'd have said nobody outside would have worried about getting wet, they'd have dried out nicely, assuming the had tied themselves to something of suitable weight.

The car felt like it was going side ways at times, combination of wind and wet roads.

Si, it's just nature's way of telling you to take it easy.


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well tomorrow as soon as i can im getting under the car getting the jobs done, doing the coolant and taking her out.. erm i hope. im doing my bloody nut sitting in this house day in day out at the moment, the cars under the cover and looking forelorne at the moment, and she could do with a nice wash and polish too. i also have to start getting ready to fit the interior carpet and getting the panels ready for the trimmers to do.

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Si, I had my head in my hands thinking of your 'whole-day' on the Lotus (pure envy), and it turns out I get the whole day today - and it's sunny!

I go back to work on Monday after 5 weeks of finishing home renos and looking after those darling kids on summer holidays keeping me off the Esprit :crybaby:

But not today!

Iain :smiling:

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well i didnt get to do anything today eiterh as its rain and rained all day long, and im getting really annoyed to say the least, i dont think the weather people have asingle clue whats going on in thier heads for one second.

well tomorrow im working on the car one way or another i need to get it done, so i have got some nice cdx 8ftx4ft sheets and some 2x3 so im going to make a nice little roofed cover to slide around the rear of the car then a nice tarp to go on top, that way i can work underneath, and with my nice little space warm air blower i will keep nice and warm under there again, and get things fitted and finished. then i can get the coolant sorted and get her out as she and i desperately need it!

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well i have awoken to crisp clear blue skies here, how long it will hold out for is anyones guess, but im going to bite the bullet and get out there today, see how much i can get done, im hoping all of it, that way i can give her a clean and take her out for a much needed drive :D

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Well Si, I just logged 14 hours on the Esprit - what a marathon! :devil:

...and, I worked on only one fault - an electrical problem that turned out to be a short in the wire from the starter solenoid to the coil. While I was there I cleaned up a ton of wiring too. All fixed and took her for a 5 min run - whew.

I had to do some research on LEF for this problem and here are some of the names that I read about - you guys are great, thanks for posting your technical problems and advice:







sunbeam fantastic


cly mitchell


82 turbo



This post nailed it though (way to go Hillster!):

I love LEF :clap:


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well i got everything done bar the left side engine nount, i have to sort the heatshield out first then i can fit it, the car ran flawlessly this afternoon, i started early and finished late but i got the jobs done, a few other things to do like check front pads etc simplke things for the winter,and its done, then is ready for its first service.

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