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Glyn Harper

V8 door upgrade to 88 Esprit - info

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Just thought I'd share a bit of knowledge with you chaps.

As part of my interior change, i've swapped the doors on my 88 Esprit for the later style V8 ones.

This allows me to have the nicer, later door handles, the later electric window motors that work, and the nicer internal door cards.

for anyone wishing to do this themselves, here are a few points to note.

1. The door are an exact fit. I remember hearing once that the later ones are longer. They're not.

2. You need to change the striker plates for the latches.. you may also need to dremmel the holes slightly as the striker plates need to sit slightly further out. BE CAREFUL only to take one bolt out at a time of the striker plates, and when you take the top one out the bottom one must be tight. Otherwise the fixing plate inside the body will drop and you'll struggle (like mad) to get it back. You have to get your fuel tank out to recover it if you lose it completely!

3. The internal door cards will allow the doors to shut, even with the older style dash. I was told by someone that the newer door cards intefere with the old dash. They don't. They do leave a little bit of a strange gap, but they do fit and allow the door to close.

4. If you do swap, remember that the early cars had the electric window switches in the doors.. the later cars have them in the centre console so some modding will need to happen to fit the switches somewhere.

5. The wiring is different. You will need to get the wiring diagrams out. shouldn't be a major job though. I'm actually changing the loom on mine, so I'm not too worried.. However, this leads to the last point

6. The plug for the later doors is the SAME as the plug for the earlier doors. BUT! the pins are in different locations so even though they'll just plug in, don't.. until you've been through the wiring diagrams and moved the pins around.

Swapping doors and lining them up is a two man job. The hardest part is getting the rectangular plug through the square hole in the body. You need the hands of a 5 year old! This was the hardest bit.

Lining the doors up is actually a piece of cake. I thought it would be really difficult, but it's not. Just get them close, nip up both nuts, then you can tell from the shutlines and angles which way the door needs to go up, down, forwards, backwards. By just releasing one nut at a time and letting the door more a slight amount, you'll get it lines up perfectly in no time.

I found that a jack under the door (with suitable padding) was handy, as you could use the jack to hold the door at different heights, and slightly adjust it. Having someone hold it is a bit his and miss as people generally wobble a bit!

I may be the only person to ever bother doing this.. but if I'm not, I hope this is useful to someone.

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