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I'm confused (more so than normal)


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OK, I finally got a good scan on the Esprit. Unfortunately, it leaves me baffled, because this all started when the battery light came on. The battery is a brand new Optima and the car, although not driven, has run for almost an hour without problem. I tried to see if it was the alternator but it would appear not as the battery is still putting out full voltage. Once conncted to my new cable, the (horrible) OBD-2 software only popped up a P0442 EESLD code...

P0442 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected small leak. Received from OFF-Board Testers/Diagnostic Tools address $F1

How would that impact the battery light? Anybody have any clues? This software doesn't display correctly on either of my laptops and doesn't let me see the entire page (frustrating when you spend almost $300 for something).

Clues? Hints? Cheap solutions?

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I have this error code too - P0442 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected small leak.

Checked all the hoses/connections/change gas cap/ etc still cannot find the small leak. The dealer said they could "smoke the system" and find the small leak. I'm planning on having this done in March when the cam belts are changed.

Here is my conclusion from my experiences. If the gas tank is always kept above 1/3 of a tank the code doesn't appear. When I was getting my car tested for emission this year I had to reset the ECU - will not pass with a check engine light on. I used my scanner to see if the ECU was in


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