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My old bulb r corroded inside so i m looking for some new ones, i know that lotus ones cost cca 500USD complete but with same bad parameters, i ve sean many lotus front lights from Hella but dont know which ones realy fit to SE without any mod (simply swaping for old ones), anyone some experience with that? (i know only LEW link)

or any other recommendation??

other problem looks to me where i need confirmation, if i push normal lights i turn on outside lamps, is this correct?

looks to me thats outside lamps r brights



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Not sure if we are talking about the same lights, the driving lights under the front bumper?

I too need to replace these, one is broken, the original ones fitted from the reverse side via a vertical plate riveted in. I can no longer get these in Australia. What I would like to know is can I use a suitable size standard Hella and fit via the square hole at the bottom of the opening?

I would need to make up a couple of pates to form a sandwich, as I think the square hole is too big. If I can do that then I can get the Hella lights quite cheaply.

If that is what you mean I think it could be a good solution.

Roger :D

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I've got an SE foglamp on my desk at the moment. I'm sure it's of little help but the Hella part number is 130294-00(1).

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from bottom foglights (ok, like new), next parking lights wit hflashers (ok), next flipped driving lights (on) (secend button on the left side on the dash board) + brights (off)

i need to replace driving lights and brights and also upgrade for better performance

Outside lamps r driving lights?

inner lamps brights ?

waht about this Rampage conversion kit 2nd from top


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cant find there, mby out of stock, looks this ll fit also: HERE or one of these: HERE - delta 7" looks nice to me, btw 7" is right diameter to replace original ones?

I think you'll find they're either 6 or 5 3/4 (G body have one 5 1/2 and one 5 3/4 from memory).

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5 3/4"

these are the ones i have. made of glass.

or these, but i dont have personal experience with them. made of plastic and will probably discolor with age

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