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Ready to Blow up a car repair shop

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Recently something flew up off the road and whacked my cvboot loose from the hub . . . I tried to get it back on, I am not a novice mechanic, I have changed the clutch, adjusted timing belt, etc . . . on this car and many many others for years. I have even worked on jaguar's and some ferrari's that I own, that is a right of passage . . . anyway. I took the esprit into the lotus dealer, and THEY CANNOT GET THE BOOT BACK ON THE HUB !!!!. They want me to pay to remove the half shaft and install a new one . . .WTH!!!!!! I was livid and furious . . . I mean that is ridiculous, I still have the 2 metal straps that hold the boot on and the boot is fine, it is tight, not disformed . . . what a rip off . . . they are talking $800 in labor and parts . . . crazy . . . any tips . . .

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If you have some fine sheet metal then use that, else use some firm plastic sheet, form it into a cone, tape it in place and slide the boot along it onto the hub.

You may need 4 hands to do the job, two to hold the cone, 2 to slide the boot along the cone.


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good idea . . . i found some discontinued tools on ebay for the job, but the fact that they are not made anymore was discouraging. I also thought about forming some strong metal rod into a circle bigger than the hub and then stretching the boot over the circle, putting it over the hub, and then removing the circle wire . . .just a pain . . . cannot beleive it is this big a deal.

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This any good?

I just did a google for CV boot tool

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I was in atlanta . . . . that is all i will say . . .got home yesterday and just friggin stayed out there with brake tools, a plastic cut up funnel, a coat hanger shapped in a u shape and will power and got it . . . .beast . . . and I didnt charge myself at all . . .

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