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PAS Fluid

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Just been doing a bit of research on the right fluid for power steering for my S4. The manual says Dexron 2 Auto tranny fluid is fine.

I have 3 bottles of CastrolTQ Dexron 3 sitting doing nothing and wondered if I could use it to top up and it turns out this is perfectly backwards compatible and simply a slightly higher grade.

Result, as its about

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I has looking in Halfwits the other day and the major brands (e.g. Castrol) only seen to do Dexron 3 so I would imagine it is backwards compatible. If no one here knows I would fire off a quick email to Castrol customer services before filling up. I recall the capacity is something like 2 litres so draining it would be a bit off a pain - and the PAS system (like brake lines) runs at very high pressure (1000 psi) so the unions on the hoses to do so could be very difficult to free.

If not, they did have own brand Dexron 2 and Slick power steering fluid which would be okay.

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