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I have used it in porsche and bmw . . . you cannot beleive what a difference it makes . . redlineoil MTL. Jay leno, . . .greatest website, other than this one, on the net. He swears by it and does not get a fee to do so . . . i am thinking of trying it in the lotus . . .

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im buying Gearbox oil for my S4 in the next couple of days.....Can everyone agree that Redline MT90 is what i should get or is there other makes that would be better???

Harry Martens recommends it for the G-cars Citreon trans.


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I'm sure you're bored of hearing me say it but just in case you haven't...

Lotus will only recommend Castrol TAF-X in your transmission. They tested many brands/types of fluid and this was the only one which had the correct hot & cold properties to protect the gearbox, no other was even close.

It's your transmission and I've read that many people have had great success with the other fluids which may have improved since they were tested by Lotus, but their advice is still TAF-X only as it stands in the Esprit.

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MT-90 only for the Esprit's transmission (assuming you have the Renault one)...MTL will not be freindly to the synchos. MT-90 is of the proper spec.

Put it in my S4s...shifts the same or slightly better.

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Bibs is spot on with what Lotus recommends and they told me the same (although I heard they didn't look at MT90 specifically?). I actually switched to TAF-X (costs a fortune over here) in the V8 and to weeks later drained it all out and went back to MT90.

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dont know about citroen

but on my s4 works great

I have used mt -90 for several years

did clutch work twice second time my pressure

plate exploded in two peaces, decided to rebuid

the box,

I was concerned with primary shaft movement

the internals looked like new there was no need for anything

bud had ordered the syncros and seals already

so I put it togeather with mt 90 shifted like butter

unfortunatly 3k miles later split the pressure plate again :D

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