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I would say both are very good depending what friction material they use (I have APs with Ferodo pads and they are blinding!) but until you experiment with a few different types of pad then you probably won't notice the difference.

Try a decent pad like Ferodo DS2500 (AP provide these in their off the shelf kits) and you wont look back, great pad.

Incidentally, I've used EBC Greenstuff and while they are ok for light street use they faded badly when I slammed the anchors on. This might not worry you too much but imagine you are on the Stelvio pass on a long steep fast downhill straight and your brakes, erm, disappear!


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Hi ,

I have fitted a Hispec upgrade to an 86 TE and they looked the part and obviously made a difference although not as much over the standard setup as I had hoped. This could have been pads,mine were Hawks from memory but thats what I found.

I have also owed a sport 350 with the AP set up and it was amazing.I know the discs are bigger etc before Mr state the obvious comes on but there is more to it than that.I know the chaps from Hispec and they make a great product down to a price.Their tolerances are not what AP's are or the materials used,failure rates are higher etc etc.They would freely admit this.Chatting to John from them he is an amazing engineer (hes designing a V12 engine just to see if he can !) and the product is good but just not up there with AP or Brembo.

Thats just my opinion but if you have the money for an AP set up do it ,you won't regret it.

Pads vary quite a lot as well.I fitted Yellowstuff race pads to the 350 and again they were superb compared to standard.

I fitted Redstuff to an S4 I had recently .I didn't get a chance to compare as the car came with metal only pads :-) but they certainly had some bite .I didn't quite get the "no dust thing" though as they seemed to produce more than standard pads....anyway.

On my race cars in the past,MGF CUP etc I have always used Ferodo.They just dont fade! The cup car had big AP's and Freodo's and it would do a 100 laps of Silverstone with no fade at all.They did squeak a bit until warm but

I suppose to sum it up, both will be an improvement but if you are going to do a track day and keep the car for a while ,go AP's.The Hispecs look good though and are cheap for a street upgrade.

Finally I should mention discs again.They will make a difference to the overall package so you shpuld definitely do those at the same time.

Hope my 2p helps.


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With your engineering abilities I'd suggest you might be best placed to consider another option.

Obtain rotors, make suitable bells, and mounting plates to allow you to fit other callipers.

When my rack's done, I'd suggest you have a look at the ones on the blue TE, and drive it to feel how powerful they are.

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Hi Budsy

Another option may be to do nothing!

I realise I may be in a minority of 1, but I run a S3 Turbo with the solid discs and a 100% bog standard set up apart from 5.1 fluid - I think the brakes are superb. They are very progressive and powerful enough to stand the car up to the point the front tyres are hopping/squealing at any speed. The V hot performance is also good, with additional initial bite. They are superior to my Type R, which feel 'dead' in comparison.

For the road, I dont think more front brakes would be an upgrade and may indeed be significantly 'overbraked' in the wet?

Be interested to hear anyone else's view on this, as there are clearly many owners unhappy with the original set up.

cheers Steve

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I was having braking problems, so I did a rebuild and pads. My braking was still poor. I was ready to change the whole set up, calipers, disc, pads and all. I received a pm from WayneB saying I should look for another problems as the brakes should be fine for all but the most demanding of track use. While searching I found that my ARB was short threaded and I had way to much wheel movement. After correcting this problem, my brakes are fine, really very good.

So, I would say, unless heavy track used is in your future, I would say a new brakingt system would yeld very little return for the investment.



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Hi Again,

I actually think Steve and Clay have a good point. As I have said in other threads its a good idea to make sure that your standard set up is as new and working properly and then make a decision.Two of my G cars had standard set ups and they were great.

The last Turbo I had apart from Andy's TE had a gold Hispec kit put on it but I mainly did that for looks and also because I like to see what these mods do.

I still stand by my original post but I have found in the past the standard set up to be perfectly good for the road and the occasional track day.


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Thanks for your posts guys the recon idea is appealing as it means I can save myself a big amount of cash and get the car on the road sooner. And I can always upgrate later if I decide I need too. The disks all round should be an improvent on the brakes on my old MG which were drum brakes all round and you had to apply the brakes a week in advance of your stopping!

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Good decision I feel.

Now your talking...I had a modified MG midget race car that I put vented discs and willwood calipers on the front with discs and Nissin motorbike calipers on the back.

I use 10*13 slicks and it had inboard pushrod suspension with coilovers.

Now that car used to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


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I gas flowed the head made a better inlet manifold for the twin carb set up and put on a stainless straight through pipe with a long branch manifold. On 0-60 pull away I think I was only beaten once by a porche but for a little 1275 it did used to go, stopping on the other hand.... :welcome:

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Guest Troy Halliday

Sounds like my Mini 1380 fully race preped ERA bodykit massive mini light wheels and running on drum brakes coz when I fitted the Metro turbo vented discs it looked like the old Carlos Fandango Hamlet advert.

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