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Two questions, because my ashtrays are rubbish, look tatty and rattle.

1. Are they the same as MGB

2. Should they have chrome or black lids.

I have found a source for MG ones but they are chrome.

Any ideas.



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I take it you have the ash trays on the sills.

If so, then yes, they are MGB.

To the best of my knowledge:

Tartan cars had all chrome ash trays, black interior cars had all black ash trays, and brown/beige cars had all black ash trays.

I've seen one brown/beige car that was chrome ash trays with black lids -- I don't know if they were replaced, or if that's what Lotus put into them.

If you look around, chrome with black lids are available from MGB suppliers; it's the all-black that are hard to find.

Tony K. :)


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