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'The Lotus Bar' meet


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The hottest meet this year - Justin (ozontour) is opening 'the Lotus Bar'. :D

Lionel (xisab) is currently visiting our fair city over the next couple of weeks and he and I are hopefully going to catch up with Justin.

You know you want to be there! Pictures of our meet to follow.


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That would be tops Dave!

Ok - the meet is hotting up at the Lotus Bar - looking like Saturday over the Australia Day weekend, so I might need to drink a beer...mmmm

Justin tells me there are huge dogs in the driveway - nothing to worry about etc :) eeeep.

Phone calls to confirm this morning.


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OK, jobs on - sweeeeeeeet :)

Lionel (xisab) and I are meeting up at Justin's (ozontour) for a tour of 'The Lotus Bar' and some cool suds on Sat 26 Jan 08 @ 1pm. I will be picking up Lionel in the S2 on the way there (yippee - a roadtrip! :( ).

If anyone else is in the area (Brisbane) and interested in coming along give me a call on 0448311112.

Digi-camera pics to follow,

Iain B)

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'The Lotus Bar' - South East Queensland, Australia. Pictured is Justin, Justin's lovely wife and Lionel.


Wonderful day-out. I picked up Lionel in the city and we chatted all things Esprit (as best you can with all the air/road noise). We had lots to talk about as my car was running most of the time on only three pots :P , and more rattles and clunks than a Russian cargo plane.

We met up with Justin at his local shops. I called on the phone and said we were in the car park and he came out of the shops yelling 'hello hello??' to the amusement of the crowds since there was only one dazzlingly-red supercar in the car park.

A fine shot of two Esprit noses in the Australian bush.


Justin's wife treated us to snacks and cold beer :cry: (thanks!) as we perused the walls of tribute to all things Lotus - a great collection. Here's a pic of our Cars (just a quick hose-off to get rid of the dust :P )


All in all, I had a great time meeting lovely people - and seeing Justin's cracker of a car. Thanks! :P


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Superb, loving the Lotus bar, I want one! :cry:

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Yes it was a great day!

It was great to finally meet in person and see another esprit parked at the Lotus Bar...quite a rare sight around these parts

Bar is always open to Lotus owners and the chat over a lager is always good

Loved your car Iain, will be good to get the clutch back in mine and we can go for a hoon!

I have some high res photos that i took on the day of your car if you want i can email them to you

We should plan another Lotus Bar meet soon for any others wanting to visit us.

we can even put some Kangaroo on the BBQ if you want, I am a bit partial to a garlic seasoned leg wrapped in foil and put on the fire...





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