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Help ! Looking for a Turbo Gauge Boost "95MY"

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a Turbo boost gauge for my '96 S4s, my lotus dealer says the part is now unavailable !

any idea where I can find one ? Lotus ref part is A082N4036F,

HELP highly appreciated ! Thx have a good WE,

it seems that there are still 3 available in this list :

do anyone know where does this list come from ?

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Dave might not have updated the site yet.

I was discussing them with him back end of last week and he said he'd got some.

Might be worth dropping him a PM or email though.


Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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Thx all of u for your answers,

It seems that the only way I have is to fix a mechanical one ?

Thx, any other ideas higly appreciated, Cheers, Vivien

just want to be sure understanding well :

my boost gauge was electrical, does the parts of the '88 onward esprit would fit as well on my S4s ?

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Unlikely, as the 90-94's were VDO, and the S4s were Caerbont. You might be able to get it serviced at Caerbont.

Are you sure it is not the sender (boost transducer located next to the ECU?) Maybe the gauge is not getting a signal. I suppose you would need to somehow hook up a meter to the wires and see if there is voltage coming to the gauge when you are under boost.

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I just read your message and I have a VDO that I listed on Ebay and it didn't sell. It is in absolutely perfect condition and worked perfectly when I removed it. I only took it out because I replaced them all with Autometer C2 gauges. Sorry, I know its' not the one you're looking for but you are welcome to it if you want.


PS: The numbers on the back read: A 082 N 6054 F


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